Introducing the new Watson Discovery Premium Plan

By | 1 minute read | June 30, 2020

Unstructured data, such as videos, photos and audio, accounts for at least 80% of your company’s data. Structured data is data that adheres to a predefined data model. It includes information such as credit card numbers, stock information and geolocation. Unlike structured data, unstructured data is not easily searchable or analyzed, and is essentially “everything else.” Untapped insights that exist inside troves of unstructured data tend to be a true blind spot for businesses. Text analytics and data mining can help organizations discover patterns in large unstructured data sets.

IBM Watson Discovery is a leading text analytics and AI-powered search platform that enables businesses, employees and customers to break open data silos and retrieve specific answers to questions while analyzing trends and relationships buried in enterprise data. Users of IBM Watson Discovery have experienced myriad transformative results, including a 75% reduction of time spent searching for answers.

Today, IBM is announcing many exciting changes and additions to IBM Watson Discovery. Inside the Watson Discovery Premium plan, users can now experience a new user interface, a guided experience to help users quickly start using Watson Discovery for their specific use case, and many new features including content mining.

Forrester names IBM a text analytics leader

These product enhancements follow the recent news that IBM is named a leader in both Forrester Wave Text Analytics 2020, Q2 Reports. Enterprises typically have to choose between an AI-based text analytics platform that can understand business documents (“document-focused”) or one that can understand customer intents and feelings (“people-focused”). But with Watson Discovery as leader in both categories, enterprise buyers can now select a single platform from IBM that excels in both areas. Click to read the document-focused report or to read the people-focused report.

Bringing Watson Discovery features anywhere

This announcement marks feature parity between IBM Watson Discovery Cloud Premium Plan and IBM Watson Discovery Cloud Pak for Data. Premium Plan users can now use all of the same AI-powered search and text analytics features they use on IBM Watson Cloud Pak for Data, including:

  • Content mining
  • Facet based search
  • Table extraction/understanding, powered by advancements to Smart Document Understand that enable better answers from complex docs
  • Reusable UX components that reduce time-to-value when deploying Watson Discovery
  • Domain vocabulary and custom NLP models
  • Filtered search and natural language queries

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