Addressing complex Kubernetes issues with Watson AIOps and Sysdig

By | 2 minute read | June 29, 2020

Explosive growth in cloud applications built on containers has exponentially increased the volume of alerts, signals, and data vying for the attention of IT admins. Applications consisting of dozens of microservices, running across intercommunicating nodes, complicate incident detection and response. To keep pace with highly complex environments, companies need to rethink how to manage incident detection and response to minimize disruption and ensure service availability.

Today IBM announces the availability of IBM Watson AIOps to help IT teams more effectively identify and resolve their most complex issues. Sysdig has collaborated with IBM to bring deep container visibility and rich Kubernetes context together with IBM’s best-in-class artificial intelligence. Together, the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform and IBM Watson AIOps are able to provide clients with better visibility, both in depth (in and across containers) and breadth (across data sources and types), to reduce operational costs for dynamic cloud-native environments.

What is AIOps?

AIOps—short for “artificial intelligence for IT operations”—applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and big data thinking to large volumes of diverse data sets, to identify patterns and events and reduce the amount of effort and time needed to pinpoint systems and service issues. The promise of AIOps is to help IT professionals rise above the noise and move beyond the bottlenecks of manual troubleshooting to a more automated, proactive approach.

Using the power of IBM Watson to drive better outcomes

Watson AIOps provides an Explainable AI (XAI) solution that incorporates analysis of structured and unstructured data into a single, unified view to identify patterns and provide insights and recommendations that enable a human to take action. Designed to deliver a holistic understanding of your IT environments, Watson AIOps helps IT teams address complex issues across data centers and clouds in real-time. With it, you have a data science toolchain to manage and govern AI in production.

Solving Kubernetes problems with Sysdig and Watson AIOps

Sysdig helps DevOps teams deploy and run cloud workloads securely, meet performance and availability SLAs, and validate compliance. By incorporating the data insights available from Sysdig, Watson AIOps can apply machine learning and analytics to Kubernetes and container data to spotlight trends, issues and potential problems across the complex dependencies and components that comprise your clusters and microservices.

As IT teams embrace cloud-native technologies to deliver innovation faster and meet market demands, they face a whole new set of operational and security challenges. Tooling and telemetry designed to support legacy applications has proven insufficient in helping IT teams understand what’s happening inside containers and clouds. Sysdig solves this challenge by instrumenting and aggregating a rich set of data sources for containers and Kubernetes. This includes kernel-level system call data, Kubernetes events, Prometheus metrics and other information sources along with Kubernetes metadata for context to give you a comprehensive picture of your cloud-native performance, health, and risk. Click here to explore more about the Sysdig platform and how it works.

Run your cloud with confidence

Together, Sysdig and Watson AIOps break new ground for incident resolution in IT operations for Kubernetes, containers, and cloud-native solutions. Whether you operate across a single cluster in a single location or in a hybrid or multicloud environment, you can now seamlessly integrate AI to help you save time, respond more effectively, and run your cloud with confidence.

We’ve made it easy to get started. Learn more about Watson AIOps and sign up for a free Sysdig trial on IBM Cloud.