Run Watson Language Translator service on any cloud

By and ZIA MOHAMMAD | 1 minute read | December 16, 2019

At IBM, we understand that you need a fully-integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how you collect, organize and analyze data on a global scale. As businesses expand to new markets, the need for multilingual support is key. Our answer to this challenge is the Watson Language Translator service. From the translation of internal documents to building production-ready applications, enterprises can operationalize AI throughout their organization with trust and transparency, using Watson Language Translator service.

In August we announced the availability of the Watson API Kit, an on-premise offering that bundles core Watson services into one unified pre-integrated package. Today, we’re strengthening the toolkit by making Watson Language Translator available as an add-on to IBM Cloud Pak for Data, our container-based integrated data and analytics platform. With this new availability, the service can be run anywhere — on-premises or on any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.


What Watson Language Translator Does

Watson Language Translator service supports the identification and translation of text, websites, and documents while preserving file formatting, as well as the building of domain specific custom models. In preparation for this release we’ve also added 5 languages, providing you with access to more than 36 languages and powerful features such as document translation and customization, you might ask yourself: “What language barrier?”

Scaling Globally

The Watson API Kit provides users the ability to integrate Watson APIs as a single solution, to optimize existing business processes and AI workflows.

With the addition of Watson Language Translator, customers, for example, can integrate speech services for accessibility and entertainment use cases in the form of closed captioning for audiences around the globe.

Or, customers can pair our translator service with Watson Assistant, our conversational AI capability, to expand the language support for their virtual agents — potentially reaching new markets. When creating dialog flows, users can translate the intents before they launch in production. Alternatively, users are able to leverage the Translator API on the front end to create real-time multilingual assistants which can interface between countries.

As clients continue to grow their usage of Watson services and expand around the globe into new markets, the Watson API Kit on Cloud Pak for Data will allow them to take advantage of an international Watson Anywhere strategy – underpinned with security and global scalability throughout the data and AI journey.