How to provide a seamless chat experience with ServiceNow and Watson

By | 3 minute read | December 5, 2019

The customer service challenge

A new generation of customers expect quality service anytime, anywhere, on the channel they choose, and in the language of their choice. If they do not receive immediate support, your business may end up losing a customer. Businesses today can simply not afford to sacrifice their quality of customer service. One key customer service challenge is having the appropriate language support for your customers and agents. You may have an end user start a conversation in Japanese, but then need to transfer the dialog and all of the chatlogs to an English speaking agent in India. This can pose a challenge for a global business who needs to offer support to many countries from one, centralized location.

And, as demand for customer service increases, so does the amount that your business spends just to keep up. Companies on average spend $4,000 or more to hire a call center service agent, with an additional average of $4,900 or more to train them. High employee turnover from unsatisfied agents can further compound these costs.

One way to not only lower costs and meet the needs of your customers and employees is to implement conversational AI technology into your business processes. Conversational AI allows your customers to engage with your brand naturally, in spoken or written language, wherever and whenever they have a question. Virtual assistants can reduce costs through automation, while empowering customers to get answers to their questions on their own time, and enabling agents to handle more complex queries. However, improving these customer experiences with a virtual agent requires natural language understanding (NLU) models that actually recognize the way humans speak and interact in conversations. That’s where Watson and ServiceNow come in.

ServiceNow and IBM Partnership

Create a virtual agent across multiple languages that meets the needs of your customers by using ServiceNow Virtual Agent with IBM Watson technology. You can now integrate ServiceNow Virtual Agent with IBM Watson Assistant’s natural language ability and diverse language capabilities to deliver a compelling solution for end-to-end, 24/7 virtual agent resolution across multiple languages. This will help to free up and consolidate support resources, as central support no longer needs to be trained across multiple languages and translation can be offered. Customers are now receiving the best-in-class chat AI with their Watson implementations.

ServiceNow Solutions with Watson

IBM Watson Assistant Intent and Entity Integration
Enable s intent and entity identification to be used with ServiceNow Virtual Agent conversation topics as an alternative to the native ServiceNow natural language service.

IBM Watson Assistant Chat Integration
Allows customers to leverage existing Watson and ServiceNow investments by adding the ServiceNow Virtual Agent to Service Portals while managing conversation logic in Watson Assistant in a seamless deployment leveraging already acquired skills.

IBM Watson Language Translation Integration
Allows customers to provide support across multiple languages by integrating your virtual assistant with Watson Language Translator.

How does your business benefit?

So, how will using ServiceNow with Watson change the way that your business operates? Truly reimagine your customer service workflows by:

• Improving your overall customer service. Provide customers and employees instant answers through 24/7 automated support.
• Improving incident and case deflection rates through self service.
• Reducing agent workload. Automate mundane tasks, freeing up agents to handle complex, higher value work.
• Scaling across your business. Reduce costs while handling increased volumes of routine tasks.
• Creating personalized experiences. Use data from the Now Platform to build context-driven chatbots.
• Leveraging already acquired skills from other Watson Assistant implementations

ServiceNow and Watson are partnering to bring the highest quality customer service to your clients. Meet your customers where they are, when they need you, in the language of their choice.

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