A recap: here’s what you missed at this year’s BoxWorks

By | 4 minute read | October 14, 2019

The IBM and Box partnership allows enterprises to make sense of their data, whether this be through enriching audio and video clips, or extracting relevant data from contracts. At BoxWorks 2019, we were able to showcase what the partnership is, how it works, and what’s coming next. Here are some of the highlights from the conference:

The IBM Perspective on AI

During the keynote, Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, joined Aaron Levie, Box CEO, to discuss today’s journey of digital reinvention, and how organizations are using data as the basis of their competitive advantage. Here are the main themes Ginni discussed:

  • Trust is a powerful competitive differentiator. IBM fosters trust through our policies, products and actions.
  • Every company will become an AI company, because they must. It is the only way to scale innovation and insight to keep pace with the competition.
  • AI will change the future of the workforce. This can be addressed by personalizing tailoring employee skills and learning experience to both personal and market needs, shining a light on skills throughout your organization, and reaching beyond the four walls of your company to widen your aperture.

Aameek Singh, IBM Vice President of Engineering, participated in a panel with Lisa Hammitt, Visa Global Vice President, Data and Artificial Intelligence. This panel was moderated by Michael McCabe, Box Vice President of Partner Sales. The three discussed the enormous potential in content, and how it can be organized to derive business value and give your company a competitive edge with the help of AI. Aameek dove into:

  • The importance of trusting your AI systems and being able to explain them
  • The idea that AI is augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it
  • How your organization can get started with AI today. He recommended starting somewhere, scaling your solution after it goes live, and having a principled approach toward your initiative.

The IBM and Box Partnership

Throughout the conference, IBM leaders demonstrated how to enhance and automate content in Box with Watson. The team showcased demos and customer use cases that highlight how enterprises are using AI today to reimagine their business workflows.

Dan Kloud, Vice President of the IBM Data & AI Ecosystem, presented on the IBM and Box suite of solutions and integrations that are readily available for customers today, including how to use Watson to enrich your content in Box and what is coming next for the partnership.

Dan outlined various examples on how to put Watson to work, including how to search contracts in Box to streamline your business processes with Watson Discovery. This allows our customers to:

  • Extract relevant contract data
  • Streamline collaboration on contracts and infuse learning into contract reviews
  • Reduce resources required to manage each contract and reduce liability exposure by avoiding error-prone manual reviews.

Slade Foster, Technology Executive for With Watson Strategic Partnerships, and Marc Nehme, Chief Architect of Watson Strategic Partnerships, demoed how to infuse intelligence into your content to automate your business with Watson and Box. They went through live demos in presentations on the show floor that demonstrated first-hand how to:

  • Automatically analyze and enrich documents with relevant concepts, entities, keywords and more to make them more searchable and consumable, to automate your business processes with Watson Natural Language Understanding.
  • Analyze image data, enriching it with classifiers to make it easy to search and consume, and train custom visual models that address business needs using Watson Visual Recognition.
  • Translate and transcribe documents from one language to another with Watson Language Translator.

These demos were also shown by the IBM team on the show floor, with many attendees interested in how to enrich and govern their content in Box in order automate their business processes.

New partnership announcements

Several new and extended IBM and Box integrations were announced in the Box press release and blog at the conference that focus on data protection, governance and compliance. (1)

Box Cloud Content Management + IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

First, we are introducing a new integration between Box and the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan that will help our customers quickly and easily determine content areas with a high concentration of sensitive information, reducing the time to remediation and meet audit compliance requirements. Here’s why. For cloud data sources, indexing latency can make it technically impossible to keep up with the growth, scale and the time limitations it takes to maintain compliance and keep up with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The new Box and InstaScan integration will allow businesses to combine statistical sampling with unstructured data management for cloud data sources, greatly reducing the time it takes to meet regulatory compliance readiness.

Box Cloud Content Management + IBM Security

Box and IBM also announced plans to integrate IBM X-Force and IBM QRadar with Box Shield. Built natively into Box, Box Shield helps prevent data leakage, detects potential access misuse, and proactively identifies relevant threats.

Together, Box Shield and IBM X-Force will provide advanced threat intelligence, event reporting and enhanced insights; Box Shield and IBM QRadar will enable faster threat detection and improve investigation and response of security incidents.

In addition, IBM Cloud Identity will enable secure and frustration-free access to Box with the combination of single sign-on, password-less authentication and adaptive access, which enhances businesses’ Zero Trust security posture.

These new announcements showcase how the partnership is scaling across IBM to enable better content governance, security and automation.

Learn more about the partnership here.

(1) Source: https://blog.box.com/data-protection-governance-and-compliance-ibm-box