Run Watson APIs on any cloud

By | 2 minute read | August 16, 2019

IBM is excited to officially announce Watson API Kit on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which will allow clients to combine and utilize our Watson APIs anywhere – reaching data stored on-premises or in any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Our best-in-class Watson APIs, including Watson Speech to Text, Watson Text to Speech, Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Natural Language Understanding, are now available as add-ons for IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Delivered through this open and extensible cloud-native platform organizations have the flexibility to enhance their applications and build AI models with our core Watson APIs more efficiently and cost effectively in the environment of their choice.

At IBM, we understand that harnessing AI’s potential requires a strong data foundation. And yet, 80% of all enterprise data is either inaccessible, untrusted, or unanalyzed. Further, 81% of business leaders do not have a good understanding of the data required for AI implementation. The result is that only about 4% of companies today have adopted AI technologies – a pace that is further limited by increasing data complexity, data silos and issues with AI portability. With these pain points in mind, earlier this year we announced Watson Anywhere – a bold, new way to make it easier for business users to engage with and adopt IBM’s industry-leading AI across any vendor’s cloud.

At IBM Watson, it is our mission to unlock AI and make Watson easy to use for any business in any industry. Over the past several months, we’ve continued on this path and taken another leap forward with a few critical announcements. First we launched IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a multicloud data platform that runs on Red Hat OpenShift, unlocks the value of data and accelerates the journey to AI. More recently we announced that Watson Assistant, Watson OpenScale, Watson Discovery, and now the Watson API Kit can be used as add-ons to extend applications and create fully transformational solutions delivered across any cloud environment.

Watson API Kit provides users with the ability to work with one or more Watson APIs within a single solution, with the goal of building new AI applications or enhancing other existing applications. For example, users can build and deploy chatbots using Watson Assistant and then embed our Watson Speech services from the Watson API Kit to transform their call centers. Many clients have already seen success when combining Watson services together to automate tasks, such as directing calls to the right customer service agent, transcribing past calls, analyzing customer tone and sentiment, and responding to incoming calls to help solve customer problems in the first interaction.

With the Watson API Kit now available on Cloud Pak for Data, users can build their desired applications and integrate those with other complementary products across the IBM Watson portfolio, including Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery integrations on top of Cloud Pak for Data. By combining our Watson APIs together into a unified API Kit, deployed in the cloud environment of choice, it has never been easier to speed time-to-value with pre-built applications, or to build AI models that incorporate conversation, language, speech, and search capabilities to redefine how work gets done.