Reimagine customer support and the employee experience with VMware and Watson

Key points
• Customers and employees today expect answers to their queries immediately, on the platforms they are currently using

VMware, in partnership with Watson, is enhancing employee productivity by embedding an AI-powered virtual assistant

• This week at VMworld, VMware is launching Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub™ with a new virtual assistant

• VMware announces their new Support Hub, allowing VMware customers to get answers to their queries quickly by routing cases to the best technical experts

The Challenge

Customers and employees today expect more. They want answers to their queries immediately, no matter where they are, when they have the question, on what platform they are using. Any friction in this process will slow down employee productivity and can decrease customer loyalty.

Employees across all industries are often stuck handling minor, routine tasks, slowing down their ability to efficiently do their day-to-day job. If an employee needs to raise an IT service management (ITSM) ticket, or ask HR a question, there is typically not a simple, streamlined process to handle these inquiries. Your employees struggle to keep up with the high volume of siloes they need to break just to be productive, to get answers to their common questions.

Customers are also looking for quick answers to their queries, but they often spend too much of their time waiting in your support queue to talk to the right customer service representative. Often times, very little information is captured about each query that comes in, which leads to a longer time to handle and close out cases.

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Enter VMware and Watson

VMware in partnership with Watson, is transforming their support model for employees and customers by providing valuable insights to engage with them more efficiently. VMware now makes it easier for your employees to handle more routine tasks, helping your employees to get the job done smarter. Through our partnership, VMware customers also benefit. VMware customer queries will now be routed to the best technical service engineers with the help of Watson, allowing them to get the answers that they need, faster.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub- The one stop shop for self-service with embedded Watson Assistant virtual agent

Employees need technology to simplify their day to day workload by answering their questions immediately, while allowing them to stay connected, on any device. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is an employees’ digital workspace that provides cross-platform access to all apps and services with Single sign- on (SSO), curated actionable notifications, and an enterprise contact service. With Watson, Workspace ONE automates this experience to deliver an embedded virtual assistant for guided workflows to quickly and seamlessly answer your queries – I need to book a trip, I need to open a trouble ticket on my PC. Tell your Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub virtual agent what you need, and it will guide you to your answer.

Introducing VMware Support Hub – Enhanced case routing

VMware is delivering a frictionless way to submit support requests when customers have a problem. VMware Support Hub infuses Watson Assistant, Watson Natural Language Classifier and Watson Machine Learning to quickly submit and match support requests to a technical support expert who can best handle the issue, therefore shortening the time to resolve customer queries. VMware will begin making Support Hub available to customers by end of year.

Recap: How your employees and VMware customers will benefit

1. Improve employee efficiency and productivity by allowing them to focus on more complex queries with the launch of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub virtual assistant

2. Improve VMware customer experience by providing quick answers to your queries 24×7 through the new VMware Support Hub

3. Improve employee and customer satisfaction by streamlining the process to get answers to their queries faster

VMware and Watson are committed to transforming support services for employees and VMware customers, by engaging in natural language to help them find the answers they need, quickly.

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