IBM Watson Discovery is now available on any cloud

IBM is excited to announce that our award-winning AI search technology, Watson Discovery, is now available on-premises or on any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. With the new IBM Cloud Pak for Data integration, it’s even easier to unlock Watson’s advanced data governance and integration capabilities and apply it to your data, no matter where it resides.

Your AI needs access to data from diverse sources. This data often lives in silos across a company – owned by different departments, stored in varied formats or even in third-party clouds. Migrating data into one central location can be prohibitively expensive, time consuming and often times regulatory requirements are restrictive. But without access to this data, your AI may never reach its full potential.

It is our mission to unlock AI and make Watson as easy to use as possible – for any business in any industry. In February, we took a leap forward with Watson Anywhere, making Watson Assistant and OpenScale available on any cloud. We launched IBM Cloud Pak for Data, allowing you bring AI to your data instead of the other way around.

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Today, we’re taking another step forward by unveiling the Watson Discovery and IBM Cloud Pak for Data integration. Watson Discovery can now be deployed anywhere: reaching data stored on-premises or on any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. You can now apply the power of AI search to your data, no matter where it resides. We’re empowering organizations to close existing knowledge gaps and improve employee productivity by surfacing expert-level, case-resolving information quickly.

The integration will incorporate powerful features from Watson Discovery as well as a number of brand new capabilities. Noteworthy features include Smart Document Understanding, which provides complex document understanding and enables users to retrieve answers instead of a list of documents. Also, out of the box, it comes with a rich assortment of enterprise document connectors like SharePoint, Box, and Salesforce — compatible with over twelve document types — including images and tables. Users can look forward to a host of new machine learning tools to allow them to customize their AI search to fit their domain.