AIconics names IBM Watson Discovery Best Innovator in Natural Language Processing

By | 1 minute read | June 20, 2019

On June 11, the world’s only independently judged enterprise AI awards – the AIconics – named Watson Discovery the winner for “Best Innovation in NLP.” Natural Language Processing is the area of computer science and AI that governs the interaction between computers and human languages. Specifically, NLP concerns how computers process and analyze unstructured natural language data.

Watson Discovery’s leading NLP understands the meaning and structure of data to help businesses increase productivity, helping teams better capture, surface and retain industrial knowledge, allowing them to focus on customer service and explore new revenue streams. Clients like Woodside Energy and Volkswagen Brazil are using Watson Discovery to tap into enterprise knowledge to help users find expert answers to complex questions.

Leaders like Prudential Singapore, a life insurance company, have seen a 30% decrease in call center volume by using Watson Discovery Advisor to return faster and more accurate responses when assisting customers. With Watson Discovery, agents can ask questions in natural language to both uncover the information they are looking for, and to pinpoint new patterns that point to where innovation can happen.

Currently available on IBM Cloud, Watson Discovery is an out-of-the box solution, so users don’t need to understand how to use APIs to configure and populate the service. It’s a one-of-a-kind cloud native AI-powered insight engine that extracts meaningful insights from structured and unstructured content to drive value for the business.

Now in their 4th year, the AIconics celebrates the passion and hard work done throughout the international AI community. This year saw the nominations double from 2018, with submissions from 40 countries totaling 800 entries across just twelve categories. This year’s awards recognized industry leaders in the international AI community. A panel comprising 20 judges and AI business leaders from around the world reviewed entries from the foremost innovators in the AI space.

“With over 800 entries from around the world,” said AIconics Awards Curator George Kipouros, “the 4th Annual Edition of the AIconics reflects the strength and progress of a rapidly expanding and evolving sector. Artificial Intelligence is now beginning to dominate conversations in the technology sphere, with businesses increasingly aware of the immense potential that AI brings.”