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As you’ve seen and heard at Elevate: AI, this is an exciting time in artificial intelligence – especially in terms of what it can do in business. As more and more enterprises are embarking on their AI journeys, one of the biggest challenges we’re seeing is making sense of the massive amounts of digitized data being produced every day. This is relevant to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors – and we in marketing are certainly no exception.

We’re seeing that the availability of the right technology is less of a barrier to AI adoption than it has been in recent years; rather, the continued proliferation of data and creation of new data repositories and silos is posing a bigger problem. If you’re going to unlock the insights hidden in your data and maximize the value you’re able to bring to your customers and audiences, you need to have the right data strategies in place. You can read more in our “Shifting toward Enterprise-grade AI” study.

I’m constantly struck by the creativity I see from businesses applying Watson AI to solve their biggest challenges. I shared a few examples in my talk, but there are countless more – from helping cybersecurity experts limit and combat security breaches to empowering contracts professionals to comprehend and quickly navigate dense material. If we can learn anything from these innovative and powerful use cases, it’s this: regardless of your industry, your customer base, or your enterprise challenges, AI can help you build competitive advantage and grow real business value.

IBM can work with your enterprise to overcome barriers to entry and define, implement, and sustain a successful AI adoption strategy. With Watson, you can build powerful custom models from scratch or speed time-to-value with pre-built enterprise applications, whatever your use case. And now, you can apply Watson wherever your data resides – on any cloud, be it private, public, or a multi-cloud environment. This is a game-changer in helping enterprises combat data complexity and silos, and issues of AI portability – major barriers to entry I touched on earlier.

I hope you leave Elevate: AI as excited as I am about the present and future of AI in marketing and across industries. I invite you to get in touch with us as you plan and expand your AI journey. The value is real and the opportunities are growing every day.

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