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IBM’s Think 2019 highlighted best of AI customer service applications

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IBM’s Think 2019 was an industry-leading conference that took place February 12-15 in San Francisco and included 2,000+ technical and business sessions with execs from ExxonMobil, Sprint, Honda, KPM, and others. In addition, more than 800 leaders, 400 developers and 200 distinguished engineers from IBM appeared on stage and in private sessions. Speakers ranged from football great Joe Montana, skateboard pioneer Tony Hawk and astronaut Taylor Richardson.

From tech startups to government services, organizations are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to improve their customer experience support.

Take RBS, one of of the world’s leading banks, that offers products and services across countless verticals and markets. Each line of business has specific customers, and each of those customer’s needs are different. In addition, there will be 300 million pages of new financial regulations by 2020. That, in combination with the $300 billion in fines financial services have paid in the last decade alone, makes customer and regulatory compliance a critical requirement.

To address their customer support experience, RBS worked with IBM to build Cora, a digital assistant that handles customer service requests. The addition of Cora lets RBS’s human representatives work on more complicated tasks. Cora gets smarter with every customer interaction and uses AI to learn. Cora can handle over 200 tasks and the percentage of conversations handled with no human involvement averages around 40 percent. That number’s closer to 80 percent for the commercial banking division.

Software company product offerings can sometimes look as complicated as a bank’s. Autodesk provides some of the world’s best design, engineering and entertainment software. As physical software sales declined, Autodesk began shifting its products onto subscription models. That exponentially increased the number of customer inquiries.

Using the Watson Assistant service, Autodesk developed virtual agents that interact with customers using voice and context recognition engines. Watson Assistant helps Autodesk offer support for more than 100,000 customer service calls each month.

However, customer service doesn’t have a clear line. Companies such as LegalMation work closely with clients over the course of a project. As companies spread their legal work across many firms, rather than just one, LegalMation has stepped in to provide niche legal response documentation. They approached IBM about using Watson Discovery to sort through the mountains of text and build a custom easy-to-use application for their professional services team to better serve customers. This drove down costs for both LegalMation and their clients, sometimes by 80 percent.

These were just a few of the case studies discussed at this year’s Think 2019 conference. Think was packed with myriad experts and novices pushing artificial intelligence into the future. We look forward to you joining us for Think 2020!

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