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IBM Watson is now available anywhere

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IBM has long been helping organizations put AI to work to drive meaningful outcomes
for business. But implementing AI isn’t always a turnkey solution. Often data are spread across an organization sitting in various silos making it difficult to deploy AI at scale. As a result, some companies are limiting their experimentation with AI, which can in turn limit their competitiveness in the marketplace. They can’t always consolidate their data on a single open platform, and need AI that can go to where the data lives.

The team at IBM has been hard at work to solve this problem, and is thrilled to announce the next big evolution with Watson Anywhere. Now, Watson is available to reach data stored on any cloud—anywhere, making it more open and accessible than ever before. Companies can now run IBM Watson services, including Watson Assistant and Watson OpenScale, through an integration with IBM Cloud Private for Data (ICP for Data) – in any environment – on premises, or on any private, public, hybrid or multicloud. That is #WatsonAnywhere

For more details on the announcement, check out IBM Data and AI’s Rob Thomas’s take on the new technology at our Think blog.

Learn more about what Watson Anywhere can do for you and your business. Download the webinar to get started.

CMO, IBM Watson AI

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