Introducing Watson Assistant Plus pricing plan and new powerful features

By | 1 minute read | December 14, 2018

IBM Watson is expanding Watson Assistant’s capabilities to create personalized interactions and effortless experiences for end users. Today, we announced the new Watson Assistant Plus pricing plan for businesses that require the high-value features found in Premium, but does not need a single tenant, isolated environment. The Plus Plan introduces a new user-based pricing metric (Monthly Conversing Users or MCU), which will help business grow their virtual assistants without needing to worry about the quantity of messages each end user is sending to the system.

The Plus Plan offers new features that address the biggest challenges chatbots face today around misunderstanding user queries and long training times.

Introduction of Skills: Workspaces have been renamed Skills, helping to manage user questions. For example, a Dialog Skill uses natural language when responding to a user query, and gives a specific, tailored answer to the user, based on your design.

Intent Recommendations A best practice for building assistants is to use as much “real” data from your customer as possible. Rather than creating user examples based off how you “think” your customers will ask questions, you can now use actual customer utterances when training to provide a more accurate data set representative of the types of questions users will ask. Intent Recommendations allows you to train Watson Assistant using pre-existing chat or call logs. Simply upload a CSV of your real-world user utterances, and Watson Assistant will recommend examples for use within existing intents.

Disambiguation: Some virtual assistants will process user requests by delivering the first dialog node with the highest confidence score, regardless of alternative options. With Disambiguation, when a user’s request is unclear, Watson will automatically propose multiple options to their question and allow the user to choose rather than responding incorrectly. The upside? Your end-user will have more accurate response and fewer “I don’t know” replies from your assistant.

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Discover the new Watson Assistant Plus pricing plan and what it can do for your business.