Five IBM Watson sessions to add to your Think 2019 schedule

By | 3 minute read | December 11, 2018

Do you want to learn how you can accelerate your AI strategy or get ahead of the latest AI trends? Or are you more curious to learn what results businesses are achieving by adopting AI? Either way, make sure you attend Think 2019 and experience Watson AI technology first-hand. Here’s a sneak peek at five sessions you can’t miss:

Trusted and Explainable AI with IBM AI OpenScale

Being able to explain the decisions your AI makes and have trust in them is crucial to accelerating adoption of AI in your business. In these sessions, you’ll learn how AI OpenScale provides businesses with confidence in AI decisions and infuses AI throughout its full lifecycle with trust and transparency, explains outcomes, and automatically mitigates bias.

1. Accelerating Your Business with AI: An Intro to IBM AI OpenScale: Businesses know that AI offers them a competitive advantage and many have a started their AI journey. However, there are still a variety of hurdles businesses need to overcome to scale and automate their AI. From trust and transparency concerns with the ‘black box’ of AI to incorporating new skills and tools, this is where IBM AI OpenScale comes in. In this session, learn more about how AI OpenScale allows businesses to operate AI at scale and continuously improve their AI across its lifecycle – regardless of how the AI was built and where it runs. Gain a better understanding on how AI OpenScale can give you visibility into how your AI made certain recommendations, while automatically addressing bias – providing businesses with confidence in AI decisions.

2. Black Box Shattered: Achieving Explainability with AI OpenScale: Understanding how AI reaches a recommendation while also providing insight into what factors would have changed that recommendation is vital in trusting and scaling AI across your business. “Explainability” is a word that gets tossed around in the AI world, but hasn’t really been explained. In this session, we’ll show how years of development from IBM Research have culminated in a unique set of capabilities that allows businesses to open the black box of AI and obtain “user-friendly” explanations that only AI OpenScale can provide.

Put AI to work with IBM Watson

AI has fundamentally changed the way companies engage with their employees and customers, as well as operate their business. In these sessions, learn how Watson is helping companies achieve real business results.

3. Trends and Directions – Put AI to Work: Hear about specific outcomes, from improved NPS to millions of dollars in savings, from companies that have successfully implemented Watson, and the tools, methods and skills that helped them get there. Hear what they’re learning about how their customers and employees prefer to interact with systems that use AI. We’ll also take a look at emerging use cases where Watson is being put to work and new technologies to help clients accelerate the value they get from their AI projects.

4. How IBM Leverages Watson Technologies to Transform Client Support: Analytics, cloud and cognitive technologies are increasingly making up the fabric of client support operations, enabling companies to deliver seamless and personalized support to clients. By 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots or mobile messaging, according to Gartner. Join the IBM Support team to learn how we are transforming the client support experience across over 7,000 IBM products by applying cognitive technology.

5. Culture Shock: Is Your Business Ready for AI? When it comes to thinking about how to introduce or expand AI initiatives within your business, one of the core elements that needs to be addressed is the culture. It’s not just about the technical knowledge needed to build machine learning models, rather it’s making sure that everyone understands the benefits of AI for both their business and themselves. Come hear from IBM experts as they discuss how culture is one of the key imperatives for businesses to truly scale AI.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we continue our Think blog series and update you with more IBM Watson sessions, highlights, exclusives and interviews leading into 2019.

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