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Introducing Watson Assistant Discovery Extension for IBM Cloud Private

Customer experience is a top priority for businesses, and many customers base their loyalty not solely on product quality or price, but on the experience they have while working with a brand. According to a Walker study, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, and in an omni-channel world, where customers have an array of options available to communicate with a company, many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence solutions like Watson to provide better experience.

Companies have long combined Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery to go beyond the simple chatbot. Now enterprises can integrate Discovery on-premises to resolve complex, long tail customer service queries, both when serving customers directly and when assisting agents who are serving customers.

Many clients want flexibility in deployment of AI due to data sensitivity and regulations. Watson Assistant Discovery Extension (WADex), an AI-powered insight engine for customer care, addresses such needs and is now available on IBM Cloud Private; joining the rest of the Watson Services which currently reside on-premises. With WADex for ICP, when queries are too broad and complex, Watson Assistant extends beyond programmed dialogues to search knowledge bases and other data repositories and the find pertinent case-resolving information. This IBM Cloud Private solution allows organizations to bring the power of Watson to where their data resides – even when that’s behind a firewall – to unify data sets and enable customers to discover the most appropriate solutions.

With the integration of Watson Discovery and IBM Cloud Private, organizations have flexibility in AI deployment and bring Watson to where their data resides. WADex for ICP provides an ingestion engine that includes document conversion capabilities to consume files across different file types. It also integrates advanced text analytics and enriches content during ingestion, making it easy for Discovery to find and deliver more powerful search results. Customers and agents can search using natural language queries as well – so finding real, accurate answers becomes as easy as searching the web. WADex for ICP will surface the most appropriate answer for a customer’s complex question using the context of the company’s entire corpus. It enables users to aggregate, analyze and visualize large volumes of unstructured and structured data to extract meaning, reveal hidden insights and patterns, and enable better decision-making.

The Discovery Extension is exclusively available to clients who have purchased the Watson Assistant for IBM Cloud Private solution. WADex users are entitled to IBM Cloud Private for Data and can also package this solution with Expert Service Offerings. Because it’s on Cloud Private, it lives behind your firewall, so your most demanding workloads remain secure. All data and applications are contained on-premises, but public cloud data sources can still be integrated.

Empower your clients, customers and agents to find the help they need. Get started with the Watson Assistant Discovery Extension today.

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