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Watson services now available on-premises

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As the AI platform for business, we regularly speak with organizations that would like to adopt AI, but are restricted in their use of public cloud offerings due to data sensitivity, regulations and law. We know it is imperative that businesses maintain ownership of their data and insights while adhering to compliance and regulatory demands. Watson is built on the mantra that your data and your insights are yours to own. IBM now extends our leadership in data stewardship and privacy by announcing Watson Assistant and Watson Speech to Text services as available on IBM Cloud Private. This announcement extends Watson’s commitment to extending our capabilities across the public and private clouds, first announced with Watson Compare & Comply: Element Classification in February.

Businesses across industries, including those operating in highly regulated federal, financial, and healthcare fields, now have the ability to develop cloud native applications on-premise, with IBM Cloud Private (ICP) – an enterprise-grade application platform. Deploying Watson services on ICP gives organizations the opportunity to run IBM’s robust, conversational platform, speech transcription, and smart document understanding service on their own hardware, maintaining the security measures and controls that enterprises have in place over their applications and data.

IBM Watson Assistant for IBM Cloud Private enables business users and developers to collaborate and build conversational AI solutions. Watson Assistant is highly flexible, allowing you to deploy small, focused solutions or scale enterprise deployments supporting millions of conversations. With intuitive, easy-to-use tooling, it allows organizations to build conversational solutions and advanced dialog flows – without requiring expertise in machine learning. Watson Assistant’s core functionalities and supported languages are available on ICP, with additional features coming in the future.

Watson Speech to Text provides speech recognition capabilities that incorporate machine learning, grammar, language structure, and the composition of audio and voice signals to accurately transcribe the human voice into written word. Companies that are heavily regulated or limited in their adoption of public cloud offerings can now extract high-quality speech transcripts from human-to-human or human-to-chatbot voice engagements with IBM Watson Speech to Text: Customer Care on IBM Cloud Private. Watson Speech to Text’s core transcription and customization features currently supported on public cloud are supported on ICP. English, Japanese, and Korean language support is available, with additional languages in development.

IBM has more than 100 years of experience with enterprise workloads, and we understand that controlling data is critical in highly regulated industries like insurance, banking, telecommunications, and healthcare. Using Watson services on ICP, businesses can harness the rapid deployment and scale of Cloud while maintaining the security and compliance posture of their own data center.

By offering Watson Assistant, Watson Compare & Comply, and Watson Speech to Text on ICP, we are helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation. For more information regarding Watson and ICP, talk to an IBM expert by visiting

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