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By and Slade Foster | 4 minute read | June 25, 2018

In the last five years, businesses have lost over $80 billion dollars to poor customer service. [1] To stay competitive, businesses need to remain cognizant of the myriad ways customers can connect — no longer are they limited to just a phone call, instead they can choose live chat, email, social media and self-service solutions. Keeping customers happy, and maintaining a streamlined customer service process is more important than ever. AI-solutions have proven extremely valuable in mitigating the pitfalls of customer-service, especially when a business is using Salesforce to manage their customer relationships.

When asked about the new solutions emerging from the IBM and Salesforce partnership, Wyeth Goodenough, VP Strategic Alliances, at Salesforce said, “Our strategic partnership with IBM continues to deliver incredible innovation to our joint customers. We look forward to bringing more complementary solutions to market that will enable companies to accelerate decision making and drive even greater customer success.”

Here are two solutions that have come from this strategic partnership:

Next Best Action with Watson for the Salesforce Service Cloud

As any customer service agent knows, resolving customer cases can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming, especially in the event that the case is easily resolved without using the agent’s problem-solving skill set. Currently, in a six minute customer service call, 75% of that time is devoted to agents doing manual research (2).

Currently, an agent must spend time reviewing case data to understand what the customer needs help with and then need to determine and act on what the next task should be.

Next Best Action with Watson can automatically analyze a case to understand what needs to be done, suggest the most appropriate next best action and provide some automation to help your agent quickly resolve the case. Next Best Action is an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed to streamline your CSR workflow within Salesforce. Here’s how it works..

As soon as the customer’s case is logged, Watson automatically analyzes it to determine the tone of the customer, what the next appropriate action should be, and what information the agent might need to complete the action. Watson will also automatically draft a response email based on the overall analysis of the case.

After reviewing Watson’s recommendation, the agent can act on the suggested action — for which Watson will provide the required data.

For example, a customer sends an email complaining that he cannot add his partner to his policy, even after repeated attempts. He expresses his frustration, and provides the information needed to address his case. Watson can detect that the customer is frustrated, and will  highlight that in the case report, simultaneously drafting a response email to the customer, showing empathy by apologizing for any inconvenience, based on Watson’s tone analysis. Watson then pulls the information needed to add the customer’s partner and generates an actionable task within the Salesforce dashboard. In a few clicks, the agent is able to review and resolve the case — increasing their productivity, improving case resolution consistency, and quickly assisting a frustrated customer.

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