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IBM Watson Studio named winner for best innovation in deep learning

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We’re thrilled to share that IBM Watson Studio was named winner for the “Best innovation in Deep Learning” at the world-renowned, independently-judged AIconics awards in London this week. IBM won the award for “being a pioneer in deep learning, helping to drive machine learning applications towards the true potential of AI.”

The AIconics awards celebrate the drive, innovation and hard work in the international artificial intelligence for business community. The awards provide innovators from around the globe with the platform to showcase themselves to their peers as well as millions of enterprise end-users.

With over 300 entries, the judging panel decided on just 65 nominations across 11 categories.   

 This year’s awards recognized industry leaders across a broad spectrum of AI technologies, and were judged by a panel of world-class AI experts, including senior leaders from VCs, academia and enterprise end-users. See the full list of 2018 winners here. 

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Watson Studio: accelerating value for enterprises with AI

Watson Studio accelerates the machine and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business to drive innovation. It provides a suite of tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data. Build, train, deploy and manage AI models at scale, and prepare and analyze data, in a single, integrated environment.

Watson Studio enables multidisciplinary teams across the organization to collaborate. Successful AI projects require a combination of algorithms + data + team, and a very powerful compute infrastructure all of which Watson Studio helps with.

Key features of Watson Studio include:

  • Continuous Learning: Teach Watson with embedded AI services, including Watson Visual Recognition, and convert custom models to CoreML.
  • Use tools you know: Use familiar open source data science and machine learning tools, with Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio and Scala.
  • Deep learning integration: No-code visual modeling with Neural Network Modeler for designing neural architectures using the most popular deep learning frameworks.
  • Refine your data: Spend less time preparing data and more time discovering insights using Data Refinery.
  • See your data: Explore and visualize data with interactive, embedded dashboards.

Learn more about IBM Watson Studio and sign up for a free trial today.


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