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AI has the potential to improve our lives and create value in both, business and personal applications. Businesses from start-ups to large enterprises are rethinking their strategies with AI in mind and starting the inevitable journey to becoming more “intelligent” across multiple departments and roles. This process can often seem daunting and overwhelming but we’re here to help.

Watson is the leading AI for business today, and we’ve already helped hundreds of companies along this journey. With Watson is a customer success program that brings a community of people, from individuals to enterprises, interested in learning and/or building with AI together. It provides exclusive access to AI marketing and technical experts to help accelerate your AI vision while getting the most out of Watson and the IBM network.

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Top 3 reasons to join the With Watson program

1. Enhance your solutions
With the support of Watson technical specialists and access to tools, build products to advance your AI journey. Resources include member-only technical content, starter-code, webinars, office hours and more.

2. Get connected, build your AI network
Expand the power of your brand With Watson and get connected to a network of AI innovators. Learn and engage with AI specialists, developers, inventors and other With Watson members.

3. Elevate the power of your brand With Watson
As you advance through the program you will unlock access to the With Watson brand, co-marketing, workshops and more.

Join our ever-growing community of members

Our members span multiple industries and company sizes from H&R Block and Salesforce to Identity Guard and Equals 3. View our Success Stories to learn more about how we’re helping our members propel their businesses forward.

Explore the right tier for your business

Our program has three levels, each with its own specific set of benefits and support for any stage of your AI journey.Advancing your Watson-based solutions and reaching your success milestones unlocks With Watson program benefits along the way.

1. With Watson Growth
For early adopters/anyone exploring or starting to use Watson services.

Key Benefits: Gain access to a like-minded community of people starting their AI journey. You also get access to a variety of tech and marketing content.

Brand and marketing benefits:

  • Monthly access to AI partner newsletter
  • Access to case studies and opportunities to learn from other members
  • Opportunities to promote your solutions through Watson marketing channels

Technical benefits:

  • Early access to upcoming technical and business announcements
  • Exclusive access to curated webinars and video content

Growth tier member story:

2. With Watson Premier
For organizations with applications built with Watson Services that are looking to accelerate their AI transformation.

Brand and marketing benefits:

  • Use of the With Watson badge within your app and marketing collateral
  • Access to IBM marketers, potential for co-marketing, case studies, speaking engagements and workshops

Technical benefits:

  • Access courses and invite-only small group sessions to help you commercialize and refine your use case
  • Assigned Customer Success manager and up to 8 hours of technical support per month
  • Receive early Watson beta access to new services and product updates from the Watson product team

Premier tier member stories:
Identity Guard

3. With Watson Strategic
For organizations pursuing large-scale projects with IBM Watson that require joint investment and commitment.

Brand and marketing benefits:

  • Custom marketing and co-marketing plans developed alongside the IBM Watson Marketing team
  • Exclusive With Watson and IBM Watson branding elements only available for strategic partners

Technical benefits:

  • Unlimited technical support and resources
Strategic tier member stories:

To learn more about the program and our members visit us here.

If you are interested in joining the With Watson program go to www. ibm.biz/enrollwithwatson to sign up.

Learn more about the With Watson program and sign up today.

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