Top 5 IBM Watson sessions to attend at Think 2018

By | 2 minute read | February 2, 2018

We’re a little over a month away from IBM Think in Las Vegas! We’ve given you an overview of the conference and reasons why you should attend. As an exclusive to our blog readers, we’re excited to highlight 5 IBM Watson sessions you should attend at Think 2018. So let’s get started.

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1. AI for Professionals: Professionals are putting AI to work to turn our most valuable resource – data – into new ways of doing business. With AI, we are no longer wrestling with data, but using it to recommend with confidence, accelerate research and discovery, and enrich interactions with customers – on their terms. Discover how companies in various industries around the world are putting IBM Watson – an AI platform that embeds in workflows, learns from small data sets and allows you to own your insights – to work. Uncover the outcomes others are seeing to learn the many ways you can put AI to work today and hear the latest Watson announcements from Watson and Data General Manager, Beth Smith.

2. The Future of AI: As computing becomes increasingly powerful and oceans of data deepen further, the breadth of AI’s capabilities will grow. And we will find ways to integrate AI into nearly every aspect of how we work. IBM Research’s Vice President of AI Science, Alexander Gray, will share what IBM Research is working on to address the future capabilities of AI. He’ll cover teaching machines how to perform data science work automatically, creating the next wave of fundamental AI methodology, and new ways to perform the computations at the heart of AI.

3. Make Every Employee Your Best Employee with AI: As a knowledge worker, finding the right answer at the right time can seem almost as elusive as breaking the 3-minute mile. Fortunately, finding new ways to empower employees and scale expertise doesn’t depend on pre-dawn workouts and diet changes. It can be as simple as putting data you already have to work.

4. Improve Customer Care and Your Bottom Line with AI: In today’s digital world, customers expect unified experiences, across channels, 24x7x365. Companies are transforming customer service and resolving queries faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Discover how successful brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to shape customer experiences using Watson. Join Watson Marketing Manager Jonathan Young and Watson Offering Manager Brian Loveys as they discuss improving customer care with client partners.

5. Getting Started with AI: Data Needed, Use Cases, Time to Value:
Putting AI to work gives a thinking business distinct advantages over an ordinary one. Beyond optimizing the tasks we already do, AI enables entirely new ways of doing business. But where do you start? Watson and Cloud Platform Vice President of Expert & Delivery Services, Toby Cappello, discusses the many uses case for AI in a panel discussion with leading enterprises. Learn what data they brought to the table, the time to value for AI and the outcomes you can expect with Watson.

As we get closer to Think, we’re looking forward to unveiling more sessions, speakers and demos. Stay tuned!

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