IBM Watson at Think 2018

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Want to catch up on all the Watson activity around Think? Check out the latest announcements around how AI is transforming professions.

Watson Studio
We are enhancing our product to accelerate the value of AI in your companies and announcing Watson Studio. IBM Watson Studio is an integrated environment designed to make it easy to develop, train, manage models and deploy AI-powered applications and is a SaaS solution delivered on the IBM Cloud.
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Watson Services for Core ML

Watson Visual Recognition Service for Core ML combines enterprise-grade IBM Watson AI with Apple’s Core ML to take the next step in the evolution of mobile and AI.

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Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant makes it easier for enterprise customers to deliver personalized and engaging experiences.  We’ve also developed domain-specific solutions built on top of Watson Assistant for automotive and hospitality.

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Be sure to check back soon for more updates on what’s happening at IBM Think 2018.

Digital Strategist, IBM Watson

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Wow, seems a good opportunity to go deeper in to IBM Watson ecosystem.
Are there any scholarship/volunteer / grants opportunities for grad students to attend it .


    Jeremy Hodge

    Right now there are no student discounts, but we will keep you posted if that changes.

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