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Let your business experts train your Watson solution

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Key Points:
– Training AI can be expensive and time-consuming
– IBM Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) is a cloud-based application that enables developers and domain experts to teach Watson to understand linguistic nuances in unstructured text
– Now teams will find it easier to apply their custom, domain-specific models with Watson Discovery, Watson Natural Language Understanding services or Watson Explorer


Experience the new Watson Knowledge Studio


Traditionally, training AI in the detailed terminology and subject areas of specific industries is complex. It takes time and resources with expertise in the data science of artificial intelligence, as well as the subject matter. For many firms, that type of expertise is rarely found in the same person, which means more effort and more costs, unless you’re using Watson Knowledge Studio.

What is Watson Knowledge Studio?

IBM Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) is a cloud-based application that enables developers and domain experts to teach Watson to understand linguistic nuances in unstructured text. Users build custom models in a collaborative environment that can then be used in Watson Discovery, Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Explorer.

Watson Knowledge Studio allows subject matter experts without any coding expertise to define entity types (categories of words) and relationships that show up in domain-specific documents. For example, a financial expert could create a type system to pull relevant information from her firm out of SEC 10K documents. Then, she could pull in her colleagues to help her annotate a variety of SEC 10K documents with the methods she defined, and use those annotated documents to build a machine learning model. This model could then be deployed directly in Watson Discovery or Watson Natural Language Understanding services or exported to Watson Explorer, enabling the expert and her company to pull relevant information out of completely new SEC 10Ks.

Clients in industries as diverse as insurance, investment management, government, and oil and gas discovery are using Watson Knowledge Studio to scale employee expertise, discern specific customer frustrations at scale, and empower fund managers and security analysts to take action with greater confidence and speed. Teams using Watson Knowledge Studio achieve extremely powerful, reliable results, and in many cases, training can take as little as a few weeks to complete.

What makes Watson Knowledge Studio unique?

Watson Knowledge Studio is a unique offering in the complex world of natural language processing (NLP) products. Its advantages are threefold:

  • Teach by Example: Empower domain subject matter experts to teach Watson the language of your industry or organization without requiring deep technical skills or coding.
  • Engage Your Experts: Bring your experts together into a collaborative online environment to teach Watson how to understand the linguistic nuances of your domain.
  • Use Everywhere: Apply what you’ve taught Watson in multiple applications by using models from Watson Knowledge Studio in Watson Discovery, Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Explorer.

Watson Knowledge Studio on IBM Cloud

On December 18, 2017, Watson Knowledge Studio moved to IBM Cloud.

Now, teams will find it simpler to connect custom domains with Watson Discovery and Watson Natural Language Understanding services. Clients who have created WKS instances through IBM Marketplace will be able to move their content over to IBM Cloud, and any new instances will be created directly in the cloud.

With this move, you can now access and manage all your related cloud-based Watson services on the same platform with a single subscription and a unified support process. Building your own highly tuned insight engine with Knowledge Studio just got a whole lot easier.

You’ll also find an updated user interface, along with several additional features such as improvements with model quality evaluation, pre-annotation with Watson NLU, and a new administrative dashboard simplifying user and resource management.

Get more details today about the move to IBM Cloud, migration instructions and release notes.

Associate Offering Manager, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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