How Watson is putting data at the heart of the US Open experience for millions of fans

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Key Points:
– IBM Watson is working with the US Open to deliver 700,000 ticket holders and millions of online fans new levels of engagement and experiences.
– Fans can access real-time scores, statistics and video highlights across platforms powered by Watson.
– The SlamTracker provides never before seen level of analysis, insight and engagement as matches unfold.
– The tournament’s mobile app featuring Watson’s Conversation API, enables fans to ask logistical questions in natural language, discover who is playing on what court, who won and more.

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Right now, tennis fans across the world are gearing up for the US Open, the last of the major Grand Slam events on the 2017 calendar. This week, ecstatic fans are filling the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium court – the largest tennis stadium in the world – to cheer on their new champions.

During the two week tournament, some 700,000 lucky fans will witness first-hand as 98,000 tennis balls are struck, the tournament contenders falling away until our new 2017 US Open Champions are crowned. They will be joined worldwide by millions of fans accessing real-time scores, statistics and video highlights across digital platforms powered by IBM.

All this drama isn’t complete without the US Open working tirelessly to enrich fan experiences through cutting edge technology in new ways.

For the 2017 Championships, IBM Watson is working with the US Open to deliver 700,000 ticket holders and millions of fans all new levels of engagement and user assistance. These IBM-powered technologies will deliver real-time match data, enriched video-highlights, and in-game analysis, to deliver greater levels of insights into tennis players for fans worldwide.

Enhancing the US Open guest experience

This years’ Watson Conversation powered Cognitive Concierge will reinvent how guests experience the US Open. The Cognitive Concierge has added new functionality to its ability to answer a wide range of questions for fans visiting the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The mobile app will enrich the fan experience, with a US Open-first, allowing them to discover new tournament related logistics and news. Available for iOS and Android, the app will feature Watson’s Conversation API, enabling fans to not only ask logistical questions in natural language, but also discover who is playing on what court and whether their favorite player won. Fans can also inquire about dining options supported by an interactive map of the venue. The Cognitive Concierge is available now to US Open visitors – within the Official Apps for iOS and Android.

For this year’s tournament, IBM SlamTracker is better than ever. Available through the US Open Website and mobile apps, SlamTracker delivers live dashboards of all matches in progress. Enhancing beyond the scores, it analyzes real-time and historical player, match and tournament data. The “Keys to the Match” feature uses predictive analytics, identifying three key strategies that will affect the dynamics of a particular match for each player. Fans can check out players’ “keys” before the game and then follow players’ progress against them in real time, point by point. SlamTracker also features fun and engaging data like player movement tracking and the total distance covered during a match. All-new features like situational analytics, Watson natural language engagement and more sharable items deliver an experience like never before.

Through the US Open IBM SlamTracker with Cognitive Keys to the Match, fans will also access never before seen level of analysis, insight and engagement as matches unfold. Built with mobile first approach, the multi platform application will deliver real-time scores, stats and insights for all US Open matches currently in progress. It also allows fans to research player tactics in a pre-match environment.

Spectator experiences powered by data

Throughout the tournament, IBM Watson and Watson powered technologies will analyze and distribute huge volumes of data.

In addition to nine years of historical Grand Slam data incorporating millions of data points, data will feed in from across the tournament in real-time, coming directly from the umpire’s chair, statisticians in the stadium and sensors around the court.

IBM will collect, analyze, package, and distribute this information to enhance the spectator experience like never before via the US Open website and apps. Fans will have unparalleled access to real-time scoring information, player bios and match statistics such as backhand/forehand winners, faults, aces, ball and player positions as well as radar speed readings for serve and return.

Delivering real-time news across the US Open platforms

IBM-powered technologies will allow the US Open Editorial team to deliver enhanced, enriched and all new content pushed out in real-time across their portfolio of digital platforms. IBM Watson’s speech to text API will listen to live coverage, subtitling and generating player transcripts in real-time. These can then be prepared and published in seconds across all US Open digital platforms, with Watson’s Tone Analyzer API ensuring that the voice of the US Open remains consistent.

IBM Watson’s Visual recognition API will also be at the tournament, scanning the crowd, tagging past players and celebrities, streamlining the production process for the US Tennis Association.

Most exciting is the use of IBM Watson to generate all new video match highlights, as the drama unfolds. Watson will watch and listen to the match: by analyzing noise from the crowds, player gestures and match data, the platform scores the excitement level of each point in a match, identifying the most exciting highlights. The resulting highlight reels will be published on US Open digital platforms, including player pages and social platforms.

Learn more and get started with IBM Watson

IBM has been the “Official Information Technology Supplier and Consultant” to the US Open since 1990. In preparing for the 2017 tournament, the USTA collaborated with IBM to help Watson understand the game of tennis. Ingesting mountains of primarily unstructured data, Knowledge Studio trained Watson primarily on tennis and US Open terminology. Watson also brushes up on its tennis expertise by reading at least once a day.

As part of last year’s Tournament, we provided a Cognitive Command Centre to help the US Open deliver rich, relevant, gripping content to fans in real-time. We created a platform that analyzes huge volumes of information in real-time, uncovering trends and interesting information. In addition, we developed the system so that it might adapt the rules it uses as more information became available.

Learn more about how IBM is working with US Open.

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