IBM Watson at VivaTech 2017: AI trends, new Watson-powered startups and more

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Key Points:
–  VivaTech was back in Paris from June 15-17 drawing 50,000 tech leaders, innovators and tech-lovers from around the world
– IBM showcased how Watson is at work in the world today, and our latest AI technology and expertise.
– We introduced 9 innovative startups that are already building with Watson’s APIs to deliver value in various industries.
– We released IBM’s updated framework on best practices to protect privacy and personal data

Watson – the AI platform for business


The VivaTech Conference was back in Paris from June 15 – 17, 2017 for its second year, bringing together 50,000 tech leaders and innovators, tech-lovers and entrepreneurs from around the world. The IBM team was at the event showcasing how Watson is at work in the world today, startups building with Watson, and our in-house AI technology and expertise.

The 300+ sessions at Viva Tech covered a wide range of topics from AI and quantum computing, to the future of industries like banking and retail and emerging technology’s impact on the global economy.

On June 16, David Kenny, SVP of IBM Watson & IBM Cloud and David Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techonomy, hosted a conversation about the current AI landscape, the questions we should all be asking with regards to AI, data ownership and privacy, and the ability to train custom models. The conversation also included Jérôme Chambered, CEO of Skiply, and Olivier Courtrade, CEO of Myxyty, both companies that are already building with Watson.

Showcasing AI-based partner solutions built with Watson

At this year’s conference, IBM introduced nine startups that have been building with Watson’s APIs to deliver value in various industries. They include:

  • Hoomano, a pioneer in social robotics, develops software that enables real-world interaction between robots and humans. With activities in France and Japan, Hoomano enhances social robots with artificial intelligence so that public and robots can interact instinctively arousing emotion.
  • Intesens, located near Toulouse, deploys connected maintenance solutions for industrial applications. Their solutions are based on a cloud solution reporting the states and events of the physical industrial assets, using a connected and autonomous sensor and a wireless connection with an IoT network.
  • MediaWen designs secure and modular on-line solutions for multilingual video and audio content processing by using Watson APIs such as Speech To Text, Language Translator, Text To Speech and Conversation to allow captioning, subtitling, dubbing in synthesized voice and broadcast through web, mobile and television.
  • Myxyty is a 10-year old French startup engaged in developing smart home connected solutions. IBM and Myxyty have created MyxyPod and Myxy Voice, two smart home voice assistants which use Watson’s Natural Language Processing abilities, as well as the Speech to Text, Natural Language Understanding and Conversation APIs, combined with the highest data security levels.
  • Natural Talk, based in the Paris area and founded in 2016, specializes in artificial intelligence solutions based on cognitive matching. Used in client relationship centers, Natural Talk enables better understanding of customers’ personalities and emotions, allowing businesses to find the agent that will best fit the customers’ disposition and the engagement situation. Natural Talk’s solutions are based on various Watson APIs such as Personality Insights, Natural Language Understanding, Tone Analyzer, Document conversion, Twitter Insight, and Natural Language Classifier.
  • Pop&link, a startup based in France and in the USA, has developed a worldwide patented technology that enables users to connect background physical objects to create new digital spaces and services. It provides the right information at the right place and the right time seamlessly for the end-users through a simple tap of their smartphone. This technology is based on Watson Conversation, Language Translator, Natural Language Understanding and Personality Insights.
  • Skiply specializes in real-time client satisfaction measurement through buttons, SMS and web interfaces. Skiply’s “Smilio” connected sensors gather real-time customer feedback on their user experience: when they are using points of sale, when they leave a restaurant, when they are on the bus or in parking lots. The data is then analyzed in real-time with visualization tool such as Watson Analytics, and with Watson APIs such as Language Translator, Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding. Skiply has customers in industries like banking, retail, restaurants, airports and facility management.
  • Umanlife, established in 2012, has developed an app dedicated to health and wellness improvement built with Watson Conversation, Speech to Text and Weather integration APIs. It aims to influence healthy behaviors by tailoring the user’s personal and relevant recommendations.
  • Victor and Charles has developed an artificial intelligence technology for hotel employees that provides real-time customer insights based on public data that can be used to personalize their clients’ experiences. Victor and Charles technology is based on a number of Watson APIs such as Personality Insights, Natural Language Understanding, Tone Analyzer, Document Conversion, Natural Language Classifier and IBM Insights for Twitter. The company was established in 2014 and is based in Paris. 

More photos of IBM Watson at VivaTech 2017

IBM is leading in the cognitive era, empowering industries and businesses to achieve long-term value outcomes, and we are working with a strong ecosystem of startups and developers who are critical for driving the next era of innovation. The startups present at VivaTech will showcase Watson-based solutions that improve the lives of citizens and professionals globally, seizing the power of Watson and Cloud technologies to improve the way the world works,
— David Kenny, SVP, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform 

Read IBM’s framework that protects privacy and personal data

We have created a system of best practices that guide the safe and ethical management of Watson (IBM’s leading cognitive computing capabilities); a system that includes contracts and disclosures that help foster full transparency; a strategy that reflects our compliance with existing legislation and policy; and a framework that protects privacy and personal data. Learn more.

For more information on IBM Watson, visit You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial of Watson’s AI-powered APIs.

Learn more about Watson’s APIs with our 30-day free trial.

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