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Watson Knowledge Studio: Deploy custom models and teach Watson at a lower cost

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Key points:

  • Collaborate and create custom annotator components with Watson Knowledge Studio.
  • Identify mentions and relations in unstructured text and analyze text specific to an industry.
  • The price to deploy a custom model has been reduced by nearly 80%, from $3500 monthly to $800.

Learn about Watson Knowledge Studio


Have you used IBM Watson Knowledge Studio to deploy models to Watson Natural Language Understanding or Watson Discovery Service? We have news for you.

Knowledge Studio is a cloud-based application that allows developers and domain experts to collaborate and create custom annotator components. These components are used to identify mentions and relations in unstructured text and analyze text specific to an industry.

For example, the word “virus” can be interpreted much differently between a cyber analyst and a medical doctor. The underlying technology of Watson Knowledge Studio allows for such nuanced distinctions with precision and speed. Plus, it works in tandem with other IBM offerings to handle all aspects of domain adaptation for unstructured text – from defining a type system to deployment of a fully trained model.

To make this domain adaptation more accessible to a wider audience, IBM has lowered the costs of using custom domain models. The price to deploy a custom model has been reduced by nearly 80 percent, from $3500 monthly to $800. Watson Knowledge Studio models are natively integrated with Natural Language Understanding and Watson Discovery Service. After the models are created, they can be deployed with just a few clicks.

Discover how deep into your data Watson Knowledge Studio can take you.

Start with a free plan of Watson Knowledge Studio and create one model you can then deploy to a trial version of Natural Language Understanding or Watson Discovery Service. As your usage grows, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Start with a free plan of Watson Knowledge Studio


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We have also started using Watson by starting with the free plan, let’s see how it goes further.
I am sure it will benefit in our business

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