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Create and deploy custom annotation models without writing a single line of code. And at no cost.

With our new IBM® Watson® Knowledge Studio free plan, developers can create custom annotator components and five machine learning projects using 5GBs of storage. Five and five. And there’s no time restriction to do so.

Use both machine learning and rule-based approaches to create custom language models using a cloud-based application. The rule-based approach (currently experimental) gets results fast, while the machine learning approach helps the model scale. The collaboration capabilities of Watson Knowledge Studio enable custom models by both domain and language. Teach Watson specific industry lexicon and several languages, including German, French, Arabic, and Italian. After models are created, deploy them with just a few clicks.

Watson Knowledge Studio models are natively integrated with natural language understanding (NLU) and Discovery Service. Use custom models with NLU to extract mentions in massive volumes of text: use the same model with Discovery Service to customize enrichments and uncover hidden subtleties in your unstructured content.

  • Create, test, and see models at work within Watson Knowledge Studio.
  • Teach Watson and create cognitive applications specifically for your domain.
  • Want more than 5GBs? Upgrade to a paid plan.

If you were a 30-day trial user, you too can sign up for the free plan. The process to upgrade is as simple as reassigning users and importing your material into the new instance.

Sign up and see how deep into your data the Watson Knowledge Studio free plan will take you.

Try the Watson Knowledge Studio free plan

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