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The Slack and IBM Watson Tour

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Key points:

  • IBM Watson will join forces with Slack to host a series of workshops across Europe
  • Stops include: London, Berlin and Paris
  • One-day workshops, focused on making software that improves the workplace

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We are excited to join forces with Slack to host a series of workshops across Europe. These are one-day workshops, focused on making software that improves the workplace.

The workshops will begin with API overviews from both companies during which Watson developer advocate Yacine, will dish out some handy tips on getting started quickly with many of the Watson services. We’ll then stay to help you brainstorm, scope, and eventually build out your projects. Everyone can expect to walk away with a working prototype built on top of Slack and Watson Developer Cloud APIs.

Here are the dates, please join us if you’re around!




Here at Watson, we’re privileged to see how developers are using AI to transform the workplace. Combined with an innovative communication platform like Slack, we can’t wait to see what you will build!

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