Discovery and Exploration

Your data mine runs deep, so why only scratch the surface?

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Key points:

  • Get under your data to analyze patterns in structured and unstructured data and make sense of them.
  • Set up an affordable custom domain using tooling and engineering to automate API calls.
  • Create simple queries that get to results fast, and automate the otherwise manual process of collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data.

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The premise of the wildly successful Raiders of the Lost Ark film franchise is discovery. In his adventures, fictional archaeologist Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones seeks hidden artifacts that hold sought after secrets—objects as elusive as fossilized alien heads and the Holy Grail—to investigate and preserve the clues they contain.

Similarly, IBM Watson® and Discovery Service can unearth secrets buried deep in your data.

Without question, data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources: mining the untapped potential in that resource demands powerful, cognitive solutions. Historically, cognitive solutions came with steep learning curves that demanded more staff expertise, financial resources and time. And few organizations have enough of all three to climb that learning curve. That’s why we created Watson Discovery Service.

“Fundamentally, it’s a suite of capabilities that allows users to answer questions on unstructured data,” says Aaron Chavez, program director for Watson Discovery Service. “When you input unstructured data into Discovery Service, you gain the added ability to search through a more fully representative data set and further investigate the concepts and relationships that tie data together.”

Discovery Service is a cohesive collection of ready to use APIs that allow you to ingest, normalize, enrich, query, and analyze both structured and unstructured data. Because these APIs are built into Discovery Service, you don’t have to build all of the plumbing normally associated with building a cognitive data pipeline. That reduced effort minimizes the complexity of deploying cognitive solutions and slashes the time to see results.

Even though Discovery is new, IBM has already seen success stories like Watson for Cyber Security, which is also part of IBM Radar® Advisor.”

Enterprises require constant awareness of malware and cyber-attacks and must be able to quickly identify threats. By understanding structured data, IBM has been effective in this space. Watson, through Discovery and IBM QRadar® Advisor, can understand complementary unstructured data as well. It’s a great fit for Discovery.
– Aaron Chavez, program director for Watson Discovery Service

By integrating Discovery Service, security analysts are making informed decisions at an unprecedented speed and scale. Watson has been taught the language of security and ingested 1.25 million documents: it correlates this huge corpus of data with activity within a network to identify malicious files and suspicious IP addresses.

Building a platform that can inspire a host of applications fueled by the resources and creativity of its developers is exciting. Using rock-solid code, developers can build apps that answer business and personal scenarios like, “What can I learn about my product from social media or my customer support forums?” and “What data would it take to predict the risk associated with a home loan?”

Find more value deep in your data with Discovery Service. Learn how when you read or download the IBM technical white paper, “Your data mine runs deep, so why only scratch the surface?”

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