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3 ways IBM has evolved Alchemy Data News into Watson Discovery News and made it even better

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Key points:

  • Access millions of articles through our API, each with the broadest amount of enrichments including sentiment, concepts, and relations.
  • Crawl all major news sources and add data from any source, whether public or private.
  • Explore any data set using a query language based on full-text search, filters, and aggregations.

Learn about Watson Discovery News


For the past two years, developers have searched world news like a database with AlchemyData News, with access to millions of natural language processing (NLP) enriched web articles and blogs. What they haven’t been able to do is pinpoint articles tailored to their interests to uncover trends and patterns for useful insight and further action. And when exploring news content, they couldn’t explore private content in the same way. This left gaps in understanding and interpreting what’s really happening in a defined product or interest area.

Now on the IBM Watson® platform, Watson Discovery News (the evolution of AlchemyData News) takes big steps forward in NLP-enriched news search.

Industry-leading NLP technology exposed through a powerful, flexible query language

To best understand the context and meaning of the articles, each one is pre-enriched with NLP enrichments: Categories, Concepts, Emotion, Entities, Keywords, Metadata, Relations, Semantic Roles, and Sentiment. The Discovery Service query language lets you run aggregations on a set of articles to determine patterns and trends and simplifies the process of news search by standardizing the query language to work for any data set. You can return a specific list of articles from a highly targeted search, pinpoint articles for your domain, and find and monitor products, companies, and public figures mentioned most frequently and with what type of sentiment. 

A simple, discernible pricing model

Unlike other news services, there’s no complex pricing calculator needed. With Watson Discovery News, you pay a low, pre-determined and single price per query. There’s no charge per query parameter and no tacked-on monthly cost.

Watson platform integration makes it easy to get started, backed by the Watson team

  • Start a Discovery Service 30-day free trial on IBM Bluemix®.
  • Find the Watson Discovery News data set when you enter the user interface.
  • We’ve simplified the “getting started” process with Query Insight Cards to help with initial data exploration and tips to walk beginners through the service.
  • Developing an application? Rely on a suite of helpful tools that include comprehensive documentation, news demo, SDKs, starter kits and sample code, and direct support from the global Watson team on IBM developerWorks forums.
  • The Bluemix platform makes it easy to automatically integrate with other Watson services.

Along with its curated list of 300,000 news sources and blogs, Watson Discovery News can explore other content like Tweets, product reviews, etc. from any other relevant public or proprietary source. Use Discovery Service to upload your own content into data collections, enrich it with Watson’s cognitive technology, and query it the same way as news. Analyze different data sets side-by-side in the same query language. You can even customize the NLP model to match each data set you bring.

Three things to know about Watson Discovery News:

  1. It uses the powerful Watson Discovery Service query language.
  2. It has a simpler and more affordable pricing model.
  3. It’s incorporated into the Watson platform for standard use and easier integrations.

Try Watson Discovery News with a 30-day free trial.


Associate Offering Manager - Watson Platform

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