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New Coding Cognitive series launches in NYC

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From visual recognition to speech-to- text, the technology landscape continues to transform itself and it’s happening rapidly. In 2017, the adoption and application of artificial intelligence is a more than just a far reaching dream, but a reality for most technology users. Not only is it critical that we identity these trends, but also build a workforce that adapt to these changes and build the new technologies that will advance society.

That’s why IBM partnered with the Ace Hotel, Tech Hire and Mogul for the Coding Cognitive series. We kicked off in New York City, hosting more than 50 coders, developers, early adopters, and those just interested in cognitive technology. All attendees were encouraged to take a coding course on the Learning Lab to prepare them for the event.


During this event, our guests learned about the AI tech landscape, were introduced to Watson Conversation and built and deployed a chatbot. The two-hour study group allowed attendees to build with Watson APIs on IBM Bluemix.


For many in the room, it was their first time building with Watson and exploring the possibilities of Watson technology, Elana Tee a senior computer science student at Fordham University shares, “I have experience programming my own small application but no experience with Watson. I hoped to learn how to interact with the Watson API. The entire space is pretty daunting and hard to jump into on your own. I thought it would be complicated to synthesize my knowledge on the theoretical part of AI with the physical parts. I wanted to learn how to move forward and that’s what I exactly got. Getting the chatbot to work was so exciting.”


Karuna Sehgal a Fullstack web developer and post baccalaureate student from the FlatIron School, “It was amazing. The presenters were really good and helpful. I was glad to interact with them more. It was also good to interact with developers from all different backgrounds. I sat next to someone from Toronto and that’s so rare– building with women from all over.”

Laptops lined tabletops as coders dug into the Watson APIs and were able to complete builds by the end of the evening, “It was cool to build a weather bot. I am going to use it for the next 27 days until my trial runs. I usually ask my mom who is the house meteorologist. She can take a vacation now. Haha,” shared Sehgal. “The configuration is always the toughest part. We could get to code faster with the resources we had at the event. I am making a job tracking checklist as part of my final project and Watson can help me develop that piece.”

Next stop is Los Angeles followed by London and Pittsburgh!

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Location: Segovia Hall at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles – 929 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Date: February 22, 2017
Time of event: 5:00-7:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Water and light snacks will be provided.


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Any there any upcoming Coding Cognitive sessions planned for Chicago?


    Lisa Kay Davis

    Thanks for stopping by Mary. Chicago is not on our first run, but stay tuned for any updates!



when is it coming back to NY?
Or when does it come to Pittsburgh?

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