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Let Watson recommend your next job

Eric is feeling complacent at his current job and thinks that he is ready to jump back into the job market. He knows of some companies that he may be interested in working for, but has no idea of the roles they offer, if the work would interest and challenge him, and if the culture would be a good fit.

How many of us can empathize with Eric?

With Eric’s challenge in mind, a group of IBMers developed a product code-named “Project Esaki” that uses Watson APIs to improve a potential candidate’s job search experience. They developed Esaki at a global internal IBM hackathon called Cognitive Build that saw over 8,000 ideas created from employees across IBM. Over 225,000 IBMers and a panel of executives including CEO Ginni Rommety voted to pick Project Esaki as one of three winners. Over the last six months, a team of IBMers have further developed Esaki into a web application that has now launched on IBM’s career website.



What is Project Esaki?

“Project Esaki” is a cognitive advisor that recommends jobs based on a candidate’s skills, interests, and personality. The advisor learns about the candidate through a series of natural conversations and responds to candidate’s questions just like a recruiter would. Eric can now ask questions like, “Why should I work here?” and be delivered an answer as if he were chatting with a friend.

How it works

The application uses two Watson API’s to power the application. The AlchemyLanguage API gathers concepts, skills and keywords from both resumes and job descriptions to provide the best job matches for a candidate. The Conversation API enables candidates to have a conversation with Watson as if they were talking to a recruiter. Just like a recruiter would ask questions about the candidate’s interests, skills, and experience, Watson does the same. In turn, the candidate can ask about company culture or specific roles, empowering the user find jobs that they are the best fit for. This means Eric can simply submit his resume, answer a few questions, and sit back, relax, and let Watson recommend roles tailored for his skill set and interests.

If you are looking for an opportunity at IBM, we invite you to participate in a pilot release of IBM’s new job matching capability powered by Watson. Provide your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and let Watson match you to current IBM jobs. You can also provide feedback on the accuracy of job recommendations to help Watson learn and provide even better matches in the future. The application will continue to improve based on user feedback and interactions via machine learning to help refine the experience further. In future versions, Eric may be able to get insights into his personality that would help make a match best suited to him as well as potentially talk to Watson directly using speech to text.


Get your personalized job recommendations, powered by Watson

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