3 ways cognitive technology can help you better understand people

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IBM surveyed more than 600 decision-makers about their cognitive initiatives and 62 percent of respondents stated that the results of their cognitive implementations exceed expectations*. It’s no wonder. Cognitive services, like those offered byIBM Watson, can help you find out how your customers feel and help you predict what they might do.

With Watson, IBM is pioneering the development of models that can tell you about different and often hidden, aspects of an individual. These insights can then be used by an organization to deepen relationships, shape initiatives and drive innovation. REST APIs, like Watson Personality Insights and Watson Emotion Analysis, allow organizations to learn about an individual’s:

– Personality traits and tendencies
– Motivations and potential decisions
– Feelings at a point in time or over a period of time

Organizations can now train apps to quickly analyze and interpret large volumes of unstructured sensory data. With this improved understanding of people, complex business challenges can be solved more quickly and efficiently.

Gain insight into personality

The Watson Personality Insights service reveals insights into the character traits of individuals based on their writings, such as tweets, email, blogs, wikis and forum posts. With this service, organizations can learn more about people, both clients and employees. These take-aways allow a business to tailor outreach to specific individuals, improve message resonance and shape future tactics. The service works quickly, accurately and at great scale.

Discover motivations

If personality determines how an individual is likely to experience external conditions, motivations determine how that individual is apt to explore options and make decisions. With deeper insight, organizations can better predict how that individual might respond to certain circumstances.The Watson Personality Insights API can help derive these motivations and allow businesses to cater to a person’s preferences, make recommendations or offer advice.

Understand feelings

Although personality and motivations are considered permanent and relatively immutable aspects of an individual, feelings are often fleeting and malleable. Watson Emotion Analysis is a component of the Watson Alchemy Language API and can provide the fine-grained analysis you need to better understand users’ emotions. Based on a user’s words, Emotion Analysis predicts, or “scores,” the statement across five different emotions: anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness. Emotion Analysis goes one step beyond Sentiment Analysis, which deciphers only positive and negative sentiments.

Find out more about how organizations use cognitive technology to gain insights and shape better relationships by reading the smart paper “Getting to know you, part 1.

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