Unlocking the value of cloud & cognitive capabilities: Empower employees with insights

By | 2 minute read | December 5, 2016

In today’s data-driven marketplace, a next-gen enterprise search and content analytics platform is critical to businesses across industries. Is your business taking advantage of ALL the data available to you whether it lives in the cloud or on premises? Companies are increasingly putting cloud technologies to work — but many of them are still missing out on key opportunities by not transitioning to a truly cognitive business.

There are many new ways that companies can utilize cloud capabilities to drive innovation, business growth and value. Whether you’re looking to improve collaboration, enable remote employees or build expertise for affordable, turnkey data analytics, a trusted big data and analytics cloud solution can help.

Register today for our webinar: “Leveraging The Cloud to Drive Innovation And Business Growth” to hear from the experts. IDC Research Director Dave Schubmehl will highlight new trends, the shifting industry landscape and successful use cases of companies that have transitioned to the hybrid model and are using Cognitive technologies to improve “knowledge-worker” activities.

Did you know?

  • 61% of knowledge workers regularly access 4 or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs. (Nearly 15% access 11 or more systems.)
  • 36% of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidation information spread across a variety of systems
  • These workers find the information required to do their jobs only 56% of the time

Unlocking critical insights from both structured and unstructured data can be complicated, with heavy set-up costs, on-going maintenance and a dependency on technology and analytics experts. The benefits of cloud capabilities, especially for search, exploration and data discovery are huge: The cloud allows companies to meet business demands, increase efficiency and provide 24/7 access to data, insights and applications to employees, irrespective of time or location.

Learn how you too can leverage the significant capabilities of the cloud with cognitive exploration and discovery solutions that are flexible, adaptable and easy to adopt.

Join Dave Schubmehl, Research Director at IDC and Luke Palamara, Portfolio Offering Manager for IBM Watson on Dec 6 at 1pm EDT, Register today.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Deliver full customer, account and product views in context to drive better business results.
  • Distinguish what qualities make a hybrid cloud/on-premise solution safe and workable.
  • Create an organizational information access and analysis strategy to tie structured and unstructured data sources together virtually, especially via cloud and on-premises data
  • Implement search strategies that can effectively access siloed and legacy data sources

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