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New Botkit integration makes deploying Watson bots to messaging apps easy

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You’ve built the perfect bot, so don’t keep it to yourself! Making your bot accessible to as many people as possible is the next step for most developers. Sure, you can limit deployment to your own channels (your website and mobile app for example) but making your conversational bot accessible where conversations are already happening – within messaging apps – is the next step.

We’re excited to announce that Watson Conversation, an API that lets you quickly and easily build a chatbot, can be easily integrated with Botkit, from bot tool makers Howdy.AI. Because each messaging channel uses its own format, it has been time-consuming to deploy your bot across multiple channels. But because Botkit works with each of the messaging APIs to create a single API format, you can now easily connect your bot to these endpoints without worrying about writing custom code.

That’s important, because messaging apps are connecting people every minute of every day. There are more than a billion monthly active users of WhatsApp, and over 900 million users of Facebook Messenger*. Conversations are constantly taking place in these apps, so shouldn’t your bot be there too?

Getting started is easy. Build your Bot using Watson Conversation Service and test that you’re happy with it. Once you are, you’re ready to deploy it across multiple channels using the IBM Watson Conversation Botkit middleware, which can be found on Github: The Watson Conversation middleware translates from Botkit’s standard to Watson, so all you have to do is get the credentials for the messaging channels you prefer, plug them in and deploy your app.

With Botkit, you can spend more time working with Watson and less time wiring your app to multiple channels. Get started at

Not using Watson Conversation Service to build your bot? Give it a try for free and get building today:



Use Watson Conversation Service to build your bot

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