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Last week, I sat down with a few Watson developers in the Denver office over lunch to find out what is going on in the developer community, and to learn a little more about what our developers talk about offline. In addition to chatting about recent concerts we’d been to and what’s going on at work, we talked about some of the technologies and recent developer news that they found interesting as well.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

The Partnership on AI: The Partnership on AI is a collaborative effort by IBM, Google, DeepMind, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to achieve a truly beneficial impact of AI on people, society and the world. In addition to supporting research and ethical best practices in the field, the Partnership on AI is working to advance understanding in the field and answer questions that the public has regarding the progress of AI technology.

Kubernetes: Kubernetes is an open-source application container platform that allows users to quickly automate deployment and scaling of their applications. It provides users with a much easier way to manage their containers.

Blockchain: A blockchain is a data structure that can be used to share a ledger across a network without a central authority. Only those with permission can join the network, and all transactions against the ledger are recorded across the network. Blockchain provides transparency and reduces risk in industries such as banking and insurance.

Scrum: Scrum is an agile framework for project management. In the Denver office, Scrum helps keep our developers organized and our projects on track. I spoke with Watson Developer Tony Worm, who emphasized the importance of structure on the team, saying “We like to take a look at how we work. Structure is integral. When I own the lifecycle of a product, I become more invested in how the product performs.”

The Interplanetary File System: The Interplanetary File System offers an alternative to HTTP using a P2P file system. IPFS aims to decentralize the web, making it faster, more open and permanent.

As lunch came to a close, I had one final question for our developers: What’s exciting about being a Watson Developer? Here is a response from Developer Tony Worm:


If you’re interested in having conversations like these, check out the Watson Developer Conference on November 9-10 in San Francisco!

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