WoW! A new, cognitive world awaits you at the 2016 World of Watson

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“This era will redefine the relationship between man and machine.” Those are the words of Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President & CEO, and World of Watson 2016 keynote speaker. Simply put, the way people and machines work together is changing. In a world full of data, noise, and information, simply being a digital business is not enough. Successful businesses must combine business objectives with digital intelligence; they must become a cognitive business.

At the World of Watson 2016 conference, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 24-27, you’ll find ways to unleash your company’s cognitive potential. You’ll become equipped to extract knowledge from data, enhance personal expertise, and outthink the needs of the market. You can become a cognitive business and learn how data, analytics, and Watson can change your world.

What differentiates World of Watson from other conferences?

In addition to the 200 hands-on labs. 1,500 break-out sessions, and inspiring talks you’d expect from big conferences, World of Watson also offers:

  • A personalized journey; Use the session preview tool to determine your agenda based on you and your industry or interest.
  • Immersive cognitive experiences.
  • Access to 20,000 peers and subject-matter experts to grow your support network.

What you’ll learn

You’ll see firsthand how IBM is using Watson to fundamentally transform computing across industries from IoT to commerce to medical care. You’ll be intrigued to explore the most innovative advances in data science, advanced analytics, and more.


Spoiler alert! The WoW curriculum is built around the four keys to success in the cognitive era: build, analyze, enhance, and develop.

  • Build: Construct a cognitive foundation for your business.
  • Analyze: Apply the latest in data science and advanced analytics techniques to reveal unexpected insights.
  • Enhance: Use the new relationship between man and machine to extend your expertise and enhance customer experiences.
  • Develop: Create new innovations with modern data architecture, intelligent APIs, and your unstructured data.

With breakout sessions, panel discussions, hands-on labs, and in-depth workshops covering over 15 trends and topics, including analytics, security, mobile, and Watson, soak up the information you need to build your own cognitive business.

Get more information about the conference

Find out more about session content, speakers, and registration. Early-bird pricing is available until September 16, so register and save! Also,developerWorks Premium members get a 50% discount off the standard admission — a savings of approximately 1200 USD off conference admission.

Follow the hashtag #ibmwow for updates.

Looking for IBM Insight? With data and analytics at the heart of this revolution, IBM is excited to announce that IBM Insight is the cornerstone of the new IBM World of Watson Conference.

More resources to start your cognitive journey

Before attending World of Watson, you can use the following resources to get started:

  • Building with Watson webinars – Get hands-on with the technology with technical walkthroughs from Watson experts.
  • Application Starter Kits – Get a jump-start with code examples that combine multiple services for common use cases.
  • SDKs – Get familiar with the suite of Watson services, plus tips on how to use them.
  • developerWorks – Get information on all things cognitive.

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