Why World of Watson?

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What exactly *is* cognitive? Is Watson an API? Can anyone use it? Is it right for my business or app?

Great questions. All of which can be answered, discussed, and hacked at the World of Watson at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas October 23-27 2016.

We all know data has changed everything. With more unstructured data than ever before how can companies best utilize it to uncover new insights, learn more faster, and outsmart the competition? One way is through machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive solutions. World of Watson is all about exploring these capabilities and showing how easily they can be delivered through any of our Watson APIs.

Need help convincing your company to fund your trip? With over 20,000 attendees, 200+ hands-on labs and 1,500+ sessions exploring analytics, IoT, big data, and cognitive there’s plenty to stay busy.

Be sure to register early to get discounted prices. Tickets range starting at $99 for a Discover Experience or $995 for the Cognitive Experience which includes keynotes and innovation talks around all things cognitive. Or go all in and experience everything World of Watson for $1995.

Ashley is a Senior Dev Evangelist for IBM Watson based in Austin, Texas and focuses on their machine learning, natural language processing, and AI APIs. Ashley’s previous experience as a front-end dev and UX designer continue to influence her decision-making today.

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Senior Dev Evangelist, IBM Watson

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