Watson DevCon: Flash Talks 101

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Did you make your business case for Watson DevCon yet? If you have, I can’t wait to meet you. If you haven’t, keep reading.

We’ve been describing DevCon as a don’t-want- to- miss event. And I truly mean that. The conference is full of opportunities to help you build something powerful. In addition to hands-on labs, competitions, and expert panels, Flash Talks is one of the agenda items I am most excited about.

Flash Talks are 20 minute, demo and live-code heavy presentations, designed to get ideas flowing. Have you been to an event that gave you 100 good ideas you ran out of time to implement? We are building that time right into the DevCon agenda.

Here’s how. Tech leaders from Girls Who Code, Pulsar, and Twilio (and more!) will present Flash Talks that get straight to the point – they’ll show you how to connect all the pieces to go from API to app. Learn how Watson APIs can process images and text, or enrich and enhance the way we communicate, or simply help you build a conversation app in just 10 minutes.

Immediately after each session, Flash Talk speakers will host a “laptops-open” Meet the Expert hour. This is your chance to dig into the code while getting your questions answered directly from the experts who know it best (because they built it).

So make sure you join us. Learn from the experts. Find out why projects were successful. See examples of cognitive solutions that changed our world. This is your chance to not just learn, but to leave DevCon with something amazing to show your team.

Will you be one of the 1,000 lucky developers? Register now before someone else snags your spot (and the opportunities that come along with it).

Still not convinced? Connect with me on Slack with questions about the event.


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