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How many times have you been the last one to hear about snacks in the break room, only to arrive and discover a few picked over crumbs and pieces? If you had a camera feeding images into the Watson visual classifier API, keeping watch, you’d have those cookies…

Whether your apps deal with snack food or something more serious, you can get hands on with the latest computer vision, natural language processing, and emotional analysis technology at the Watson Developer Conference this November.

You can register now for only $249.

Join us in San Francisco on November 9th and 10thfor access to hands-on education, advice from leading experts from IBM and a chance to network with people working with Watson today.

At the conference, IBM will host a series of “Hello World” exercises called Hands on Labs. You’ll have an opportunity to work with pre-built Watson applications, and learn how to integrate Watson APIs into your existing application or your next big idea.

Whether you work in Node, Python, Java or Swift, you’ll find tangible workshops that will help you see how different Watson services come together to embed artificial intelligence into your applications. Here are some of the things you can expect to learn and build during the labs:

  • How to train a visual classifier to recognize images, facial features and object attributes, as well as find related images to unlock the wealth of visual data in your organization
  • How to build chatbots that tap into powerful natural language processing , real-time weather data and speech technology to add new levels of engagement to your application.
  • How to transcribe streaming audio and add real-time annotations using natural language processing technology to identify the major concepts, entities and keywords.
  • How to connect Watson to the physical world by integrating sensor data, sentiment analysis and streaming social data into microcontrollers and web applications.

You’ll find the best education, expertise, and resources to get a jump start with Watson at the Watson Developer Conference. From labs, speaking sessions, networking, and coding competitions, the conference has everything you need to work with the latest Watson technology, and get a sneak preview at what’s coming up in the future.


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