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How Sesame Street and 1-800-Flowers are disrupting industries with cognitive computing

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Next-generation cognitive computing is rapidly changing how we live and work. Thousands of brands like 1-800-Flowers and Sesame Street are already using cognitive solutions like IBM Watson to redefine how they improve performance, customer service and revenue. Today’s business challenges have never been more complex, and the critical insights that can help address these challenges are often buried in an avalanche of data.

With cognitive computing, we are now able to unlock the value in ALL the data — from internal, external and even publicly available sources — available to a business. Much of this data was previously inaccessible as it existed in was unstructured (documents, emails, social media posts and images etc.), or was dispersed among any many systems and silos. Hear how two companies are already using cognitive computing to disrupt their industries:

Watson-Powered “Concierge” Customizes Shopping on

Gourmet foods and floral gifts retailer 1-800-Flowers has been making waves for implementing artificial intelligence technology into their web and mobile shopping experiences. The retailer recently rolled out an IBM Watson-powered “gift concierge” that uses cognitive capabilities to tailor product recommendations for shoppers, enhancing customer service and sales. As shoppers use the concierge GWYN (Gifts When You Need) multiple times, it uses cognitive capabilities to learn more about their needs and continuously enhances their shopping experience over time.

GWYN leverages IBM Watson Engagement Advisor (WEA) to seamlessly guide shoppers through their buyer journey to choose the perfect gift for every need. GWYN uses existing customer data and Watson’s cognitive APIs to match gifts with the occasion, personality traits of the shopper, previous customer history and more. Read our new Watson Solutions Guide to learn more about Watson Engagement Advisor.

GWYN also uses IBM Watson Explorer’s (WEX) enterprise search platform to connect and search through 1-800-Flowers whole inventory across nine brands and thousands of products, from flowers to cookies to teddy bears. Watson Explorer allows an organization to gain a complete view of their company’s unstructured and structured data, interpret it and make data-driven decisions in real-time. Read our new Watson Solutions Guide to learn more about Watson Explorer.

How Sesame Street and Watson Are Reimagining Preschool Learning

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization that produces Sesame Street, revolutionized early learning fifty years ago. By using the medium of television and lovable characters like Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie and Oscar the Grouch, the show taught children about numbers, colors, the alphabet and more, all while having fun.

Earlier this year, IBM Watson and Sesame Workshop launched a collaboration to use cognitive computing to develop adaptive learning products for homes and schools. They’re developing a new educational platform and products that can adapt to individual preschoolers’ learning preferences and aptitude levels, using data, pattern recognition, and natural language processing for personalized learning experiences.

Watson Developer Cloud’s suite of cognitive APIs such as Visual Recognition, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, and Dialogue will help Sesame Workshop develop these innovative platforms and products. Read our new Watson Solutions Guide to learn more about Watson’s APIs.

Creating Knowledge From Data

Cognitive businesses create usable and meaningful knowledge from data to expand everyone’s expertise, continuously learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the ever-changing market. Cognitive systems are able to put content into context, providing confidence-weighted responses, with supporting evidence. They are also able to quickly find the proverbial needle in a haystack, identifying new patterns and insights.

IBM Watson consists of a depth and breadth of cognitive solutions and APIs that companies around the world are already leveraging to realize significant business value and help solve some of society’s greatest challenges.

Learn more about how IBM Watson can help your business scale expertise, at immense scale, redefining what is possible, and over time they can help you transform jobs, customer experiences and entire industries.


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