How to build a Recipe Slack Bot Using Watson Conversation and Spoonacular API

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The code is here.

In case you didn’t use Internet in 2016, bots have been all the rage.

Watson released its own Conversation Service last month. Naturally, I decided to take it out for a spin.

After looking at some existing bots and APIs, the last thing I wanted to build was another pizza-ordering bot. I do, however, love food way too much. In the end, I decided that asking a Slack bot for recipe suggestions would be a fun interaction.

PSA: This bot has absolutely nothing to do with Chef Watson. It’s just a simple Slack bot you can add to your Slack channel.

What finally sold me on this idea was Spoonacular’s find-recipe-by-ingredients feature. By the way, Spoonacular has a very easy-to-use API, along with thorough documentation, which the integration process much easier.

Sometimes, you just have no idea what to do with a piece of leftover chicken and some radish. Don’t fret, your very own sous chef is here to help!

Read the rest on Josh’s Medium blog.

Build your own bot with Watson Conversation

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