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Building better bots with Watson Conversation

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Just about every industry. A thousand different use cases. Every imaginable device. Bots are reaching a tipping point as they increasingly assist in customer and employee interactions in an endless number of ways. Bots let you control consumer devices with your voice. They enhance the way you engage with your bank or insurer. They can let you order a pizza from your favorite messaging app. They can be very narrow in domain scope or much more sophisticated, streamlining interactions across mobile, websites and, increasingly, from messaging apps or social networks — all while dramatically reducing costs.

Alongside all of these incredible benefits, bots have also, to this point, often been under-powered and difficult to build and deploy across platforms.

Today Watson Conversation is moving from experimental to general availability, signifying an important step forward in offering developers a turnkey service that makes it easier and faster to build these natural conversation flows. The new Watson Conversation Service allows developers to build and train a bot with ease thanks to our new tooling. This features a clean and simple user interface allowing you to train a system without touching any code or having a deep understanding of machine learning. This new service is available on IBM Bluemix where you can build and train a basic system at no cost.

Watson combines a number of cognitive techniques to achieve this – defining intents and entities and crafting dialog to simulate conversation, all in one integrated service. The system can then be further refined with supplementary cognitive services to make the interactions more human-like or to enable it to find a suitable answer even when it hasn’t been trained on the question. Finally, Watson Conversation gives developers the flexibility and versatility to build one bot that can be easily deployed anywhere – from social media, Slack, SMS, on mobile, into your website, even on robots.

We encourage you to try Watson Conversation today and join us in building a new generation of cognitive experiences.

To hear more about Watson Conversation, and to see a live demonstration of how easy it is to build a bot using Watson Conversation, join us for a webinar on July 13 (or attend the replay).

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