Connectidy is transforming the dating industry with Tone Analyzer

By | 2 minute read | May 10, 2016

With a market of more than 150 million singles in the United States, the online dating industry has grown substantially over the past few years. Usage of dating applications by 18-24 year olds has increased nearly threefold since 2013. While some people have met their soul mates on dating applications, most people struggle with constant mismatching, bad choices and incompatibilities.

Enter Connectidy, an online  relationship platform that armors users with tools that include emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, choice optimization and behavioral theory technology. The platform enables users to make better choices and build stronger relationships with potential mates that are formed by data-driven emotional intelligence instead of just intuition. One of the most interesting components of their platform is their use of IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer API. This technology allows the users to receive a tone check on their outbound messages to make sure they area relaying their intended emotional and social cues.

We spoke with Connectidy about their development process and use of Watson technology:

What was the motivation behind the development of your product? How did you envision impacting your audience?

The motivation behind developing our app was a result of the continuing exposure we had to the fake persona’s that were prevailing online.  We envisioned impacting our audience by presenting a whole new way to create a relationship through presenting a true self, one that is determined through means that cannot be gamed and providing the ability for all users to be automatically verified. Today, with IBM Watson, and our own technology, we are able to artfully blend Artificial Intelligence with big data to provide solutions to fundamental relationship problems that have plagued people for centuries. An emotional connection is the goal, one based on Emotional Quotient, where self-knowledge is the first step.  We are helping people understand who they are, how the choices affect outcomes, while also providing behavioral feedback so mistakes are not repeated.

Before you used Watson APIs, how did you solve the market challenge? 

Until now, users would typically take a personality test (Big5, Myers Briggs, MMPI) . Unfortunately, these tests can be gamed and are sometimes seen as draconian rather than developmental.  In the past, users did not provide data on their choices and preferences and so, in many instances, they acted on instinct rather than a combination of Data + Instinct + Emotional Intelligence.

What challenges did Watson APIs help the company address?

Watson allows us to disrupt current markets. We will be able to facilitate better talent, eliminate poor business and personal decisions, optimize teams and create micro-segmented information to individuals and markets.

How do you use Tone Analyzer in your application?

Tone Analyzer:

  •  Allows users to understand their written communications in a truly asynchronous communication where one user can understand at a sentence level the tone of the writer or receiver of written correspondence.
  • Allows for the identification of social tendencies, which were difficult to determine previously without the assistance of visual cues. These social propensities include traits associated with Big Five personality scores and multiple writing styles.
  • We also deliver writing tips, based on the results delivered at a sentence level, which can be used, if desired, to reinforce sentiment and consistency of self.

What was one improvement you saw in your product after implementing Watson Developer Cloud APIs into your solution?

74% of our users indicate that the combination of our solutions has provided an enlightened perspective of who they really are.

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