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Use cognitive computing for improved social media monitoring

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Social media monitoring in a cognitive world blog

Social media has become an integral part of the Internet. Every business must now track the flow of public opinions about their products and determine how, or if, they should engage their communities. Even Hollywood is using social media monitoring as a business advantage. But monitoring social media, categorizing it and drawing logical conclusions is unlike any quantitative analysis we know. The sheer volume and immense diversity of sources is intimidating. Add in that social media never stops, and that its ideas and attitudes are completely fluid, changing at the speed of communication.

It may be possible to manually analyze each social media mention when you’re a small company, but it quickly becomes impossible once you receive hundreds of mentions every day, or every second. Thankfully, cognitive computing has opened up a new realm of possibility when it comes to monitoring your social channels. Using text analytics capabilities, cognitive APIs can extract vital data from this unstructured torrent and transform it into dashboards of decision-driving information. Text analytics helps us “listen in” Twitter or Facebook and understand our customers’ language and thoughts. Now we can identify what’s working, spot trouble earlier, adjust campaigns for better ROI, track competitor moves and learn how to attract new customers and increase their engagement and satisfaction with our brand.

Now how can you get started with social media monitoring and what role do cognitive APIs play? On April 20, we hosted the first of five Building with Watson webinars that will focus on providing developers a technical deep dive into the components of filtering and understanding social conversations at a higher level, beyond a single Tweet. The first session provided a technical overview of the various APIs that can be used to build a social media monitoring application.

Join our experts for the next session on May 4 at 12pm ET/9am PT for a glimpse into using social media monitoring output within a BI Dashboard. The other three sessions throughout the quarter will show how to integrate additional APIs and examples of applications that are already using this technology. Register now to secure your spot.

Measure your social performance with Watson

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