Glovators to gladiators: Changing the world with APIs

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Cybercode TwinsWe met America and Penelope Lopez, the CyberCode Twins awhile back at the 2015 SF Disrupt. The Watson team was pretty impressed by their tech savvy and commitment to helping the community. Following the twins on Facebook, we knew it was about time for a check-in. Fresh from Barcelona, the young innovators share a recent experience from the Global Mobile Innovators Tournament.

What is a Glovator?

A glovator is someone who participates at Global Mobile Innovators Tournament sponsored by IBM and 4YFN – 4 Years From Now.

What exactly is the Global Mobile Innovators Tournament?

America: IBM partnered with 4YFN and four global telecommunications companies AT&T, KPN, Rogers Communication, and Vodafone to bring startups and developers a worldwide series of Internet of Things challenges and events to work on the future of mobile. The innovation challenge focused on IoT.

Penelope: We had three areas to innovate around: Smart Homes and Buildings, Smarter Healthcare, and Connected Travel and Transportation.

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Which tools did you use? Tell us about your project.

America: Our project is called Beacon of Hope. We created a discreet IoT solution to save lives and reduce human trafficking. Why did we want to work on a solution to fight against human trafficking? It is a problem that hit too close to home. Our aunt was lucky because she was able to escape from her traffickers through the window of a bathroom. After further research, we found out that trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and half of the victims are children under 13. We submitted this project under the Smart Homes and Buildings category. Our team was selected as the Top 15 Finalists for Global Mobile Innovator Challenge chosen to go to the 4YFN 2016 to participate in the Top 5 Finalists for Smart!

Penelope: So this is how it actually works. We needed a way to analyze the victim and examine his/her request. We were able to convert a .WAV file to text using  Speech to Text. The Tone Analyzer Service can detect the types of tones we would need to identify such as emotion and social tendencies. This is important to detect distress in the victim’s voice to fight against false positives and for responders can gather data and grab insights about what’s happening.

Attending the 4YFN 2016 in Barcelona was your first time working abroad, right?

America: It was exciting to see a growing global tech startup community overseas! To see so many startups from all over the world deploy IoT apps to help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems was an honor. It was a life-changing experience to be part of the top 15 finalist in the IBM Tournament and was also great to see 500 of the best mobile startups from all over the world.

Penelope: It was amazing to see many startups that really want to solve community and global issues ranging from refugee tech to smart cities technology. Barcelona was one of the first smart cities in the world and loved the beautiful sightseeing, too.

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