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Cognitive hits the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Every spring, the tiny neighborhood of Tribeca transforms itself into the unofficial Hollywood of the East Coast. Noted for its artists and creatives, the lower Manhattan hub is a magnet for up and coming filmmakers, artists and other visionaries. Founded by Robert DeNiro, The Tribeca Film Festival began in 2002 to celebrate the vibrancy and heart of New York.

More than 10 years later, the festival has taken on a new shape that is even more inclusive of technology and its intersection with film. That’s why the IBM Watson team was eager to present to fans and filmmakers the latest in cognitive and provide a taste of how it is already part of the industry.

TIF Interactive was the place to be for all things cognitive and tech. The IBM Watson team set up shop at the Tribeca Festival hub offering a full sensory, cognitive experience.

Here’s a look at what guests experienced:

Watson Twist

watson twist

Who doesn’t love a well-crafted cocktail? Especially when Chef Watson is serving it up with a twist of cognitive. Movie buffs, film students and Watson fans spilled into the Watson Twist lounge for some of the best cocktail mixes of the festival. Much like the app experience, drinks were mixed based on mood, bar type and selected base. And of course we infused some movie magic into the experience as well. Film Noire on the rocks, anyone?

watson twist crowd

Watson Personality Insights

Bill Gates with a little Salman Khan? Or are you part Liam with a bit of Ariana Grande? Watson can access your celebrity matches based on your Twitter feed. It was a quick and fun way to assess your online persona based on Watson’s Personality Insights. Examining your tweets based on word choice and context, Watson can provide meaning to your tweets match those values with your top celebrity matches (and also show you who is not your match).

The Cognitive Candy Machine

Movie buffs clamored to the Cognitive Candy Machine. Maybe it was for the candy or maybe it was for time on the mic, but fans were more than ready to act out their favorite movie lines for Watson. This demo allowed participants to speak a movie line into a microphone for recording. Watson processed, provided a sentiment analysis. Candy was shared based on the type of sentiment. Sour sentiment? Tart candies are dispensed. More sweet? The prize was M&M’s.


Watson Beat

Researchers gave Watson a music theory master class and taught it how to understand inputs and compose songs. Love country? More classical? Watson can create and compose for many genres and styles.

This how it works. The user picks a song based on genre and then selects a movie genre (Think horror, documentary or romcom). Then leaning on statistical analysis, Watson composes a version of the song based on the selected movie genre. The composition is a blend of music theory and science resulting in a new song that could be the background theme to your favorite feature film.

No event is complete without a robot selfie <3 #score





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