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By | 3 minute read | February 9, 2016

Consider this scenario: You have just checked into your hotel, after a long flight and are ready to put your feet up and relax. You arrive to your room and realize that you need extra towels for your family. You know calling the front desk will mean waiting on hold for a few minutes, and you don’t feel like going back downstairs.

This is where IVY, Go Moment’s SMS-based 24-hour concierge service, comes in.

Using Watson’s Natural Language Classifier API, IVY reads incoming guests texts and directs them to the correct hotel department. For example, if you text a request for towels, the message is automatically directed to housekeeping and a housekeeper will bring you a fresh set of towels to your room. This allows you to receive your request in a fraction of the time, improving your entire hotel experience. As guests, we expect top customer service and instant satisfaction, so IVY is a key solution to a burgeoning hospitality challenge. Considering IVY is in every major hotel brand nationwide, you have probably already used IVY on one of your recent stays.

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We caught up with Patricia Porter from Go Moment to learn more about their cognitive hospitality solution:

Can you provide a brief description of Go Moment and IVY? 

Go Moment created Ivy to do one thing: provide exceptional and automatic service for guests and hotels. Some examples of Ivy’s capabilities:

  • Ivy welcomes every guest after check-in. She seamlessly answers rote guest questions that clog the front desk
  • Ivy can provide the wifi passcode or notify staff when guests are having problems
  • If a guest has a request, Ivy automatically responds and notifies the appropriate hotel personnel (eg: housekeeping) for prompt follow up
  • Ivy assesses guest sentiment in real time


Why did you decide to build with Watson?

The decision to use Watson was very clear after surveying several other AI leaders. With Watson, we had a clear advantage to access multiple APIs, such as Sentiment Analysis, Personality Insights, NLC, etc. Watson gave us the confidence that we would be able to maintain an agnostic platform while producing some of the most cutting edge technology in the industry.

Which API are you using – and why did you choose it?

We are currently using Natural Language Classifier (NLC) to help us with auto-classifying guest requests in a seamless way. We chose NLC because it can automatically tag any guest request with its correct identity, which allows Ivy to notify the correct staff. For example, if a guest texts in “I need towels” Ivy leans on Watson to correctly tag that request, so she can alert housekeeping that towels are requested. This streamlines the request process and eliminates any middle-man, therefore, speeding up the resolution time.

What is the challenge in the travel/hospitality industry you are trying to solve?

Today’s travelers, particularly the millennials, live on their phones and demand quick service. Hotels are frequently unable to fully meet these demands, as their technology is outdated and their core processes are extremely manual and repetitive. Many hotels are also experiencing high staff turnover, which can lead to a lack of consistency in guest services. In addition, the business landscape for the industry is changing, forcing many hotels to cut back on operations and streamline their front desk processes.

How does IVY help solve that problem?

Ivy plays into this change very well as she can speed up a lot of the front desk processes and streamline the fulfillment of guest deliverables. For example, Ivy can speed up check-in times via pre-registration, automate responses to rote requests, and auto-dispatch deliverables to the correct department. In addition, because Ivy requires zero downloads and is completely SMS based, she delivers a level of convenience that speaks the language of today’s increasingly time starved and demanding traveler.

How are you implementing IVY in the market today?

Ivy is in every major hotel brand nationwide. Through the use of our beta in San Diego, Ivy is strengthening her response time and execution. In fact, she is automatically answering guest requests.

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