Marketing is the new recruiting! Don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Today’s job candidates require transparency. They can smell camouflage from just a few clicks away. Like consumers, they expect companies to engage with them on their terms. In fact, recruiting has become marketing. Tell a compelling story and you’ll attract and be able to compete for the best talent.

Engaging and relevant experiences are the new normal. A few bad decisions on your part will taint your candidate pool. 83 percent of recruiters surveyed describe the current employment market as candidate-driven. Gone are the days of posting and expecting a slew of quality candidates to come knocking. Positions have to be marketed to attract the best candidates.

Most candidates know more about you then you do about them because of social media and the hours of research they do. You’ve been sized up before even extending an invite. Your culture and reputation will precede any first contact. Through transparency you can begin to attract the best of the best. Worried about what transparency might show—time to clean up your act.

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