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Reexamine employee experience at the WorkHuman Regional Forums

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Which human workplace practices are most effective in driving a more positive employee experience? What tangible impact does focusing on employee experience have on metrics like retention and discretionary effort?

To answer these questions, the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute joined forces to conduct a global research study, gathering data from more than 23,000 employees in 45 countries. The result is a new global measure of a human workplace and its impact, called The Employee Experience Index, and set of tools for inspiring workforces towards greater well-being and performance.

I’ll be speaking about these groundbreaking new findings – and how they are changing the face of HR and business – at the WorkHuman Regional Forum in New York on November 9.

In addition, my colleague Cameron Klein will speak at the Dallas forum on October 24, and the forums in Toronto on November 1 and San Francisco on November 16.

Please join us at these one-day workshops in a city near you and participate in our conversation about the business impact of human workplace practices, such as:

  • Organizational trust
  • Supportive co-worker relationships
  • Meaningful work
  • Recognition, feedback, and growth
  • Empowerment and voice
  • Work-life balance

In addition to the opportunity to earn HR recertification credits, you’ll be able to network with peers in a small-group setting and discuss the megatrends shaping the HR industry today.

We hope to see you at one of these sessions soon!

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