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PODCAST: Employee Experience – Building on Engagement, Measuring the Impact

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It’s no secret that IBM and Globoforce have been working together to create something new in the world of employee listening. It’s called The Employee Experience Index and it’s “a new global measure of a human workplace and its impact.”

To find out more about why this new piece of research was created, I recently spoke with the two creators of the Index: Dr. Sheri Feinzig from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Dr. Greg Stevens from the Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute.

In this podcast, Sheri and Greg, both PhD-carrying talent experts, share their unique insights into what drives a positive employee experience and how the index helps to measure it. We also talk about the benefits of employee experience in terms of better job performance, increased discretionary effort and higher retention.

There’s more to catch as well, so give it a listen, download, and join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #PowerUpHR!

You can listen to the podcast and then download your copy of the Index.

You can also visit the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and the Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute for more fascinating insights!

Stay tuned for more discussions as we continue to dive into the transformations taking place in Talent Management for organizations around the world.

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